Five Ways to Not Be Stuck While Stuck at Home


Back Bay Blues
Have you ever stepped on “ground without a foundation?” I’ve never experienced a muddier platform than the silt covered bottom in the back of Morro Bay. The notorious “Back Bay” has left many boats and kayaks high and dry after being caught on the outgoing tide before getting to one of the few known channels
          The tides have no prejudice—victimizing hunters, kayakers and sand dune explorers alike. Missing the tide means either waiting for hours until the tides begin to rise or wading through waist deep mud while pushing the boat to the nearest channel.
          I’ve been caught, more times than I’d like to admit, up to my chest in the quagmire of the Back Bay because I refused to accept the looming outgoing tides. One humiliating time in particular was when two Audubon Society-looking people pointed and laughed as my dad and I pushed our duck boat through the muddy “channel” to the boat ramp!

Stuck is Preventable

Experience teaches that the wise are less likely to get stuck. Those who follow Jesus, though they may face obstacles, rarely get bogged down, but we must practice what Jesus preached: “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete” (Luke 6:49).

Stuck Is A Choice

One thing I have learned from our Back Bay adventures is that being stuck is either a conscious choice or the product of a poor one based on “ground without a foundation”. Whether it’s four-wheeling with the men at Rugged Faith Ministries or snowmobiling a deep drift, stuck is a choice.
          It’s what we do next that matters most. Stuck is not a permanent position but a temporary setback compelling us to action. After an hour digging ourselves out of a Wyoming snowdrift a friend told me, “We weren’t stuck. We were delayed!”
          I loved his perspective. Stuck is a delay that requires our immediate attention.

Five Ways to Not Be Stuck While Stuck at Home
Shanna has been on leave as a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines since early March and this has been a real issue for us. Like many of the millions of people who are on leave, furloughed, or have temporarily closed their business doors, we too have experienced stuck. Here are five creative ways to get unstuck.

          1. (Reverse) Honey-Do List. If you’re like me, there is at least one Honey-Do List on your phone, the fridge, or your bulletin board. If you can’t find yours, I bet your wife has a copy lying around! If your wife, like Shanna, is on leave or furlough, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse the list. Lovingly suggest (be very careful) that she tackle some of the items on the Honey-Do List for you!

          2. Do Spring Cleaning. This is the perfect time of year to trim your trees, get your sprinklers adjusted, plant a garden, edge the lawn, power wash everything, treat the mossy rock, etc. We’ve been shocked at how crowded (yet socially distanced) the local hardware store has been on our essential spring cleaning runs.

          3. Get Outside and Exercise. This may sound obvious, but refuse the temptation to binge watch. For millions of people the couch is their personal mud flat! Pull yourself off the dang couch and go for a run, walk, or body weight workout. E-mail me at for my list of dozens of workouts.

          4. Read a (The) Good Book (or two…or three…or four). After 30 years of ministry, I’m taking this time to study eschatology and build/solidify my theology on the subject. Shanna and I are reading the Jesus Story Blended Gospels and Gene Getz’s Life Essentials Study Bible which you can pick up on our website. Take the time to read those books you’ve said you’d get to. You won’t regret it!

          5. Connect with A Small Group. I’ve seen more connections with the men of NCMM where I serve as a Board Member, my home church, and men of my ministry than ever before. What I have found unprecedented is the number of men around the country I’m now connected with through Video Conferencing. We are launching Men in the Arena Virtual Bible Studies for men, have launched a weekly virtual prayer meeting (8:00 am PST), and are starting a Virtual Men’s Ministry Leaders meet up on Thursdays at 1:30 PST. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these.

Four on the Floor
Lastly, every weekday from 4:00-4:30 PST until our country reopens, I am answering questions men are asking about these stuck times, through expository teaching of the Bible. This has been a rich time where men and women find hope from God’s Word during dark times. Check out all our videos.

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