Man Card Videos

What do I need to do?

Leading a group is big responsibility!  We're here to help you be successful.
Prayer is the key.  Ask God who you should invite to join the group.  You will be facilitating the meeting each week and don’t need to worry about teaching as the material will guide you each step of the way.

Going through the five trail guide workbooks as a group of Christian guys commited to authentic fellowship is awesome. We are excited for your journey.

Purchase a copy of the first in the series (the Trailhead) for each guy in the group in advance of your first meeting.  Kindly ask them to pay you back as you get started.  
This works better than asking everyone to purchase their own book separately, though you can always do that too. 

Before each meeting make sure you have prepared yourself in prayer and reading through the lesson.  Also, watch the corresponding video for each lesson on this page.

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Intro Videos For the Man Card Series