Ready to Join a Team? Join the Waiting List for our Upcoming Virtual Team Launch! 

So you've decided you need a group of men to lock shields with. AWESOME.

Great job deciding to step out of the bleachers and into the arena!

We are in the process of revamping our team system and will be launching a new batch of virtual teams in the Fall of 2021. If you are interested in joining a virtual team, join the waiting list here. We'll connect you with your team leader, keep you up-to-date on the team development plans, and get you going as soon as we can.

In the meantime, make sure you are part of the Men in the Arena Facebook group!

"I joined the Men in the Arena Facebook group because of a recommendation, and it just took off from there. Through the Facebook group I was able to get in contact with a few men from my church, which led to a men's accountability group, which led to joining a porn addiction recovery group. This has been huge in my personal relationship with God and with my wife and children. They also have noticed a difference in my life and attitude.

The podcasts are so inspirational and convicting. I've never been one to listen to podcasts. They were always so boring to me. But I can't get enough of the Arena podcasts. I only have about 40 minutes a day on my commute to and from work to listen to them. I only have about 100 more to go haha. I wish I had more time to listen to them. I can't get enough. Thank you from my heart. God is using you guys in big ways.”       
-Arena Man, California