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Hero Stories

I want to thank you guys for the podcast and challenging me to get out of the bleachers. I have just taken over a men's group through our church and your podcast has really given me the confidence to take this role and allow God to use me to help other men in our valley get into the arena." - Levi M.

I've been a patrol officer and supervisor for 21 years.  I also meet all the criteria for living in the stress bubble of life.  I found Men In The Arena while working out one day on my break.  I have not found a men's group or other support around me to do life with.  Your podcast has helped me to look at issues in a different way and understand what the Bible says about these topics." - Tom P.

I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now and it has done wonders for my mindset and family. I cannot thank you enough!" - Evan S.

Hey team, God led me to your podcast as I was looking for a way to get closer to him. I find your episodes as a resource to help me move closer to Jesus through the word and through Jim and the guests on this show and their message and experiences." - Jose R.

Your ministry has quite literally changed my entire mindset around my role as a Christian, father, leader, and as a man in general over the last several months. I listen to episode after episode while at work, and I can't even begin to tell you how much of an impact it has had on me. So thank you for all you and your staff do. You guys are truly making a difference in peoples' lives." - Ajaye

I was referred to your podcast by a friend. I was born and raised in Missouri as Christian but as I grew older became more of a couch Christian. Not going to church, not studying the word. When I started to listen to the podcast and realized just how far of the path I had stumbled. Now I start every morning on my way to work listening to your podcast and others like it. I started doing evening devotionals with my wife after we put the kid to bed,  and working on my relationship with the Lord. So I guess what inspired me to give to the cause is I know there are more people like me out there and I want to keep the podcast going and the work you and your team are doing." - Seth

After listening to your Calm Parenting podcast I purchased the “30 days to calm” program from Kirk Martin. Has helped a lot. Stop yelling and different methods of parenting. Still working on some, but heck with 5 kids with all different backgrounds it’s a whole different world. We adopted 4 of the 5 in the home. So they all have different background influences and ways of thinking. But I also have learned to reach out for help when I need it. Life really isn’t about doing it alone. Thanks for your podcasts." - Eric F.

My wife and I listened to this podcast as we drove. Great stuff. As a retired LEO, I totally understand the culture. As the director of our church's men's ministry, I see many parallels. Men who don't trust. Men who "can do the Christian life" on their own, etc. Thank you for partnering with FCPO. We can never have too many resources. Thank Jay for facilitating this. BTW, I joined FCPO this afternoon." - @jemyall

Good morning, I'm writing to you to simply thank you for your ministry. Recently I came across your podcast and I'm enjoying it and learning a lot. I aim to become the man and leader that my son and my wife need and that God calls me to be in His Word. Also, I wanted to mention, my son and I went to a park to hangout when he had a snow day and we saw a park ranger. I asked him if he wanted to pray for him. He said yes, and prayed. He's 7. This happened before I saw that you had an episode on the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers. I thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, thanks again and God bless you!" - Jeremy

This podcast along with hundreds others that you have shared has had an unmeasurable positive impact on my life. I am proud to say that last week, My wife and I celebrated 24 years of marriage together. I’m getting choked up just saying those words because it doesn’t come without a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hurt, but more importantly, a lot of grace and work. Today our marriage is the best it’s ever been in our entire lives! No exaggeration. The best. I wanted to share that with you because you have had a massive impact on us. I’m a better man, husband, father, friend, leader today, because of you. Thank you. Thank you for being strong and vulnerable at the same time . A lot of people think that those two words are polar opposites yet I completely disagree. In our vulnerability, we are strong and being strong means being vulnerable. I see this in you and commend you for it. Thank you again for your dedication to the Lord, and to other men. I hope to thank you one day in person, and on the side of heaven, but if I don’t, please hear these words thank you." - Eddie

I’ve been listening to your podcast from the beginning on Spotify for a while now and I really wanted the bumper sticker you made, Wife > Kids. It’s incredibly true that once I started putting Jesus First and my Wife immediately second above all else that her respect and love for me skyrocketed, even the kids can tell that she is above all else on this world. I tell them and everyone who asks 'Jesus is my universe, but my wife is my whole world.' It’s gets some looks, but that doesn’t matter." - Logan

Your podcast on leadership this morning was what I needed to hear at this time. God works in great ways, especially since you called me out in the intro. There is no clearer sign to me that God wanted me to pay attention to today's message. Not to get to deep in the weeds here, but my father and mentor passed away about two years ago now and ever since then I have felt l lost. No one to turn to for advice on different matters in my life or leading a family. So the message today was much needed. Thanks again for the content and work you are putting out." - Seth

“Men in the Arena’s teachings have accompanied me on a nearly 4-year epic journey of honing myself as a radical follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, neighbor and coworker. This ministry has shepherded me through welcoming my two youngest children into my family, starting a men’s ministry at my local church, identifying a Silas, Paul and Timothy in my life, joining a church small group, and overcoming lustful sin. As a result, myself, my children and wife have been profoundly impacted for the better. I have worked as a correctional officer, social worker and child protection worker and have seen the wake of destruction caused by ‘males.’ I seriously resonate with Men in the Arena’s mission of creating an army of men to be the best version of themselves and believe that the world can be changed by one man at a time. I challenge men to be bold enough to get off the bleachers and into the fray; to dare to become their best versions. It will change you and the people around you as it has for me and my family.” - Brandon

I was released from prison in September 2023. When I walked out from behind the razor wire fence I knew I needed to make major changes in my life but didn't know where to turn. My dad recommended your podcast to me and I have been listening every day since while at work. God is using your podcast to mold and remake me into a Godly man, husband and father. I abdicated my responsibilities for too long and now it is time for me to enter the arena of manhood and be there for my family. My wife comments on the changes she sees in me. We are attending a Bible teaching church and seeking to become members." - Elliott

I have been listening for about a year or so, heard about the podcast from another podcast I think. God has really impacted my life, again, through your ministry. I’ve been a Christian most of my life, pastor’s son the whole 9 yards. But I had grown stagnant and bored once I hit the stress bubble. You have been a source of current and applicable Christian, Bible-based teaching that brings Christ back into manhood and the life I’m living now. Time is so tight, God and family can easily get pushed behind work and life, thanks for shedding the light and seeing that. Thank you and your team for your service to Christ. May God continue to bless you." - Tim

A brief note to say THANK YOU for the Men in the Arena podcast, sir. As someone forced into early retirement, who spent over 40 years in the New Age wilderness after being saved at 14, I wanted to let you know that your podcast, along with moving to a small town in Kentucky and finding a good church home and volunteering with Celebrate Recovery, your show, your point of view, your wisdom and your guidance has been instrumental in me finding my way back to the Lord after all these decades away.

Your show is yet another arrow in my quiver, another tool in my Bat Utility Belt :)

I fully intend to spend what years I have left in becoming a better man, a Godly man, and using those years to help guide, mentor and influence others. Never, ever doubt that what you are doing does not matter, because it does. Never, ever doubt that you’re not reaching men of A Certain Age, because you are. Men are men are men. My word for 2024 is 'health' - physical health, mental health, financial health and of course, spiritual health. You are part of that journey. I wish you the absolute best, and may God continue to bless you, your wife and your family and your Men in the Arena participants." - Bill

About a year and a half ago I rededicated my life to Jesus. I’m a police officer so I began searching for Christ centered podcast I could listen to while on patrol. Men in the Arena has helped me stay focused on building my faith and being a better husband and dad. It has greatly helped me continue working to be the husband God has called me to be. Thank you Jim Ramos, for starting Men in the Arena and being a great warrior for Christ. I’ll also proudly display one of those “wife is greater than kids” bumper stickers if they’re still around. Thanks again, Jim. You truly are making a difference. - Tyler

Dude i know I said this awhile back but your ministry and podcast have completely changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for the contribution you have made to me bettering myself and pushing to be the absolute best version of myself for my daughter. I don’t think I ever told you this but I went through a divorce beginning of last year. That’s when Jesus scooped me up from the pit and smacked some sense into me. Your equipping men in 10 where you went into the reasons you can and should believe the Bible (I’m paraphrasing here I can’t remember the title) but you got into the historicity of Christ and of the Bible itself. Literally changed my life. But dude the episode this week on sex. You said something that shook me to my absolute core. Again probably paraphrasing but you were like imagine your bride has a flower and gives a petal to every man she’s ever been with and by the time she gets to you she’s only got one petal left. Maaaaaaaannnnnnnn that was like a kick in the gut. You are on a completely different level my friend. Love to listen to you and I hope I can someday shake your hand look you in the eyes and thank you face to face." - Matthew

Our second Men in the Arena group went through Strong Men Dangerous Times this fall. At one of our tables of guys, they were talking about leading courageously and stepping up to solve a problem in the world. One of the guys had just been gifted some money from a coworker, so he and his table group decided to use the money to buy meals for the homeless. They met together over a weekend to assemble lunches and went out together to feed the homeless. When they told the man who had gifted the money, he got choked up and confided that his son is homeless! Now the table group meets monthly, along with their families, the coworker and his wife, to cook for and visit the homeless in our community!" - Sam, Men in the Arena team leader

I gave my life to Christ and solidified it in 2022 by water baptism on my 27th birthday. 6 months later I proposed to my now fiance, I wrote in my personal journal that I wanted to become the best version of myself for my future bride, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the way HE purposely created me to be and for all those around me. 2 weeks after entering that in my journal my landlord sent me an episode of Men In The Arena podcast,  I’m a daily listener now and I can surely say Jim and his team has sky rocketed my progress in who I am becoming and wanting to be. God works in amazing ways, He always knows what we need and when we need it." - Drew

Hey Men in the Arena -- I've been listening to your podcast for a few years now and found it around the time my dad passed in 2022. He was always someone I could talk to about manhood; and though we differed on what manhood looks like in today's day in age we agreed on the foundation and where it starts --the Bible. And we both saw the need in our country and community for REAL relationships, friendships and REAL accountability with men. I've been a member of a local Men's Fraternity at my kids school for over 10 years and now excited that we're taking the Fraternity to another level by adding accountability sub-groups. These past few months too I've taken the messages from your casts and others of physical fitness to heart and been steadily working out every day at a gym for the past 3 months. The change in my perspective has been huge. But more importantly how my family views me. My kids no longer view me as the lazy fat homer simpson dad but as a dad who is striving to get stronger every day both spiritually and physically. Appreciate your ministry and keep it up!" - Chris

I was raised without a father and two years ago I gave my life to Jesus. Your ministry has completely changed my life. - Alex

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