Your Proven Strategy to Impact Men

You want to start a men's ministry or men's small group at your church, but HOW? And what study materials should you start with? We got you, brother! This all-in-one playbook is your one-stop shop for kick-starting and maintaining a men's ministry. In this practical guide, Men in the Arena founder Jim Ramos shares his learning from more than three decades of starting transformational small groups.

This book will give you play-by-play instructions on how to get your men's ministry started; teach you how to recruit and motivate your guys; list common mistakes to avoid that will lose men and kill your momentum; and provide your first 50 weekly men's meetings!

Starting a men's ministry is an intimidating task. But you got this! What you're doing is vital. In Scripture, God almost always starts with men. From Abraham to Moses to Jesus, men are God’s starting place. When a man steps up out of anonymity and into his God-given role in his family and the world, everyone in his orbit wins. So let's do this. Grab the Men's Ministry Playbook, use our simple launch steps to start your men's ministry, start meeting weekly, and watch as God begins to use the men you lead to transform their families, your church, and your community! 

From Abraham to Moses to Jesus, God starts with men.
When a man gets it—everyone wins.

Order the Men's Ministry Playbook:

The first half of the Men's Ministry Playbook will outline your strategy:

A Proven Strategy: Make it Yours
Your Pastor: Role and Responsibility
Your Core: The Leadership Team
Your Strategy: A Target to Shoot At
Your Chosen: Strategic Selection
Your Process: Time-Tested Launch Steps
Your Rules: Guidelines for Success
Your Gathering: Team Meeting Agenda
Your Effectiveness: Coaching Tips
Your Closer: Great "And One" Questions

The second half of the Men's Ministry Playbook will take your men through 50 team meetings divided into 12 series:

Nine Traits of Manhood
PMS (Passive Male Syndrome)
Man Up
Lead from the Back
Unswept Corners
Protect the Ball
Iron Men
Wild Side
In Men, We Trust
Tip of the Spear
Wisdom Hunters

“Jim and his teachings have accompanied me on a nearly 4-year epic journey of honing myself as a radical follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, neighbor, and coworker. This ministry has shepherded me through welcoming my two youngest children into my family, starting a men’s ministry at my local church, identifying a Silas, Paul and Timothy in my life, joining a church small group, and overcoming lustful sin. As a result, myself, my children and wife have been profoundly impacted for the better. I have worked as a correctional officer, social worker, and child protection worker and have seen the wake of destruction caused by ‘males.’ I seriously resonate with Jim’s mission of creating an army of men to be the best version of themselves and believe that the world can be changed by one man at a time. I challenge men to be bold enough to get off the bleachers and into the fray; to dare to become their best versions. It will change you and the people around you as it has for me and my family.”

- Brandon, Vermont


Jim Ramos is a bestselling author, speaker, and the founder of Men in the Arena, an international ministry focused on equipping Christian Men in the 'Stress Bubble' of life - married, with kids in the home, struggling to lead their families, churches, and communities well. Jim passionately galvanizes men to fight passivity, "get out of the bleachers," and step up "into the arena" of spiritual leadership.

Called "one of the pioneers of digital men's ministry," Ramos leads an army of men numbering in the hundreds of thousands on social media and a global network of Men in the Arena virtual teams. He hosts the #1 ranked Spotify podcast for Christian men, the Men in the Arena Podcast, and has written numerous books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller Strong Men Dangerous Times; the five-book Strong Men Study Guide Series for small groups, and Dialed In: Reaching Your Full Capacity as a Man of God (September 2024 with David C Cook).

Jim lives in McMinnville, Oregon, with his wife Shanna. His goal is to live each day to its fullest with courageous abandon according to Jesus’ promise in John 10:10. He loves to hunt with his adult sons, enjoy the fitness lifestyle, take tropical vacations with Shanna, and listen to men share their stories over a dark roasted Americano.

Connect with Jim on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @themeninthearena.


God starts with men. He's starting with YOU.