What’s your “Why”?

Our vision is simple. It begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. The “it” in our tag line is when a man finds salvation in Jesus and radically commits to serving him; thus, becoming his best version of a man. Our vision is, “Trusting Jesus Christ to build an army of men in the arena, who are becoming the best version of themselves in Christ and changing their world (because when a man gets it—everyone wins).”

Are you a religious organization? What do you believe?

Yes we are, unashamedly so.
All Men in the Arena staff, volunteers and board members must affirm our Statement of Faith and exclusive claims of allegiance that Jesus Christ makes upon everyone who would follow Him as Christians. With that understanding, they agree with and adhere to the Statement of Faith as one of Men in the Arena’s leaders, entrusted to advance the MITA mission.
          1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.
          2. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
          3. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.
          4. We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful people regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.
          5. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.
          6. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.
          7. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in Christ.
          We believe in the theology of the middle ground, which means we focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, living for Him, and loving all people. We avoid fruitless discussions on politics, economics, and non-essential doctrines.
If opposition to one of these is a hill you’ll die on, we suggest that you try another hill.

Why are you called Men in the Arena?

Men in the Arena was originally founded in 2012 as The Great Hunt for God, which is still our official name. In 2017 we created the legal DBA (Doing Business As) of Men in the Arena when we realized our name was creating confusion among some men who thought we were a “hunting group”.
          Though founder Jim Ramos is an avid hunter and outdoors man, The Great Hunt for God originated from Philippians 3:12 and 14, where the Apostle Paul writes,
          12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal,              but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers   and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

The Greek word for “press on” is dioko, which was used in hunting and track and field and meant to chase, hunt, or pursue.
          But this only led to confusion and the exclusion of men who wrongly assumed that because they didn’t hunt they were not welcome. To solve this problem the name was changed to Men in the Arena, after a famous speech by President Teddy Roosevelt in Paris, France in 1910, shortly after his presidency. The new name—Men in the Arena—eliminated confusion and gave men a wonderful word picture of moving from the anonymous bleachers into the fray of the arena floor.

When was Men in the Arena founded?

The idea for the organization was conceived in 2011 while drinking coffee in Sisters, Oregon, at Sisters Coffee Company. While founder Jim Ramos was reflecting on over two decades of youth ministry and God’s future for him, he noticed a quote on his coffee cup dating back to circa 185 AD by a man named St. Irenaeus who said, “The glory of God is man fully alive.”
          That quote got Jim pondering his stature, passions, gifts, and ministry impact potential. He soon concluded that God had changed his heart from youth ministry to men, and returned to his home in McMinnville, Oregon to test his new calling.
          Jim recruited fifteen men ranging in age from 19-74 who met every Tuesday at 6:00 am in a local coffee shop. For that group, Jim wrote weekly studies that eventually turned into Playbook Volumes 1 and 2, which later became the five-book Man Card Series.
          That group of 15 men multiplied into groups of men meeting in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, San Pedro, Belize, Africa, India, and other places around the world.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in the small Pacific Northwest town of McMinnville  Oregon, in a donated space at Coast Hills Community Church. Our mailing address is PO Box 893, McMinnville, OR 97128.

Is there really a problem with men?

Yes! Did you know that according to the 2010 Census Bureau 24 million children will go to bed without a biological father in the home, 66% are not expected to live with their father through age eighteen, 40% of children are born out of wedlock, and boys without a dad at home are 66% more likely to go to prison? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics survey in 2003, half of U.S. children from divorce won’t see their dad for over a year. Children in fatherless homes are 5 times more likely to live in poverty, have emotional problems, and repeat a grade. Those statistics are surely much worse now.
          In a Men in the Arena Podcast interview  President Emeritus of Compassion International  Wess Stafford, said, “If you fix the men you will solve over 80% of the world’s problems.”
          We agree with the wounded voices pointing at men as the problem. Logically then, if men are the problem, they are also the solution! We have given our lives to that fact.

What’s the big deal about reaching men? Shouldn’t churches focus more on children and youth?

According to a 1996 Baptist Press Survey, if the mother is the first to become a Christian in a household, there’s a 17% probability everyone in the household will follow. However, if the father is the first to become a Christian in a household, there is a 93% probability that everyone in the household will follow.
          It’s not only statistical proof—it’s biblical. Several times in the New Testament when a man was saved (Acts 10:44-48, 16:30-34, and 18:7-9), his entire family followed. Yes, men are stubborn, hard to reach, and virtually ignored in church budgets, but if you reach one man you’ll reach his household. When a man gets it—everyone wins. That’s a wise investment!
          In his book Prayer is Invading the Impossible, Jack Hayford wrote, “In most of His workings throughout history and Scripture, God starts with men. Get that? Men are God’s starting place…The shaping of a man is foundational to anything God sets out to do.”
          Did you know…
          The human race started with a man—Adam
          The covenant of the testaments was given to a man—Abraham                                                      
          The 12 tribes of the nation Israel began with a man—Jacob
          The redemption of Israel was given through a man—Moses
          The Promised Land conquering was led by a man—Joshua
          The royal prototype of Messiah was a man—David
          The Savior of the World came as a man—Jesus
          Jesus began his ministry with 12 men—The Disciples
          The leader of the first church was a man—Peter
          The apostle to the non-Jewish world was a man—Paul
          The transformative leader of your family is a man—YOU!

I’m not what you would call a “manly man”. Is this some macho man organization?

It depends on your view of macho? If you believe being macho is about excessive drinking, cussing, and womanizing—then no. We actually oppose those things.
          We believe that men come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. A man is as a man does, not as he says he is. A man can drive a lifted truck or a small hybrid. He can be a poet or a construction worker. He can be a vegan or a carnivore. He can be an athlete or a musician. HE can be on either side of the political spectrum.
          Manhood is not about form but function. It’s about what a man believes and how he responds to what he believes.
          We proudly embrace men of every color, demographic, age, personal hobbies, and overall appearance. A man is as a man does.

What do you believe about women? What is your stance on women in leadership?

          What about women? Our focus is solely on helping men become their best version in Christ. We don’t address women because women are not a part of our direct vision nor do we believe they are the source of the problem. We refuse to get into fruitless discussion with people who don’t want to dialogue but would rather point a political finger at a great organization which has a heart to help men be better husbands, fathers, community leaders, and over all servants.
          Here’s our response regarding women. We believe Elisabeth Elliot said it best when she said, “First off, be a man. I’ve said it in a hundred ways, but I’ll say it again. You expect her to be a real woman, but you can’t expect that if you’re not a real man.”
          There are too many verses in the Bible where God elevated women to high positions of leadership. In Judges 4:4 we read about Deborah, a prophet and judge of Israel. What about the entire book of Esther? In Acts 16:14 we read about a prominent business owner named Lydia whose entire household was saved after her and who hosted the church in her home. In Acts we read about Priscilla, who was mentioned (4-6 times) ahead of her husband Aquila, signifying her lead role in ministry, and who some believe wrote the book of Hebrews. In Romans 16:7 we read of a woman named Junia, who according to Paul was, “outstanding among the apostles.” Finally, in Romans 16:1 Paul mentions Phoebe, who was a deacon of the church in Cenchreae.
          Here’s what we say to women. Obey God. Follow His call on your life. Be the best version of you in Jesus. We desperately need strong, bold women in our world who love Jesus more than anything, and who are deeply committed to Him.

I’m a woman who is interested in your organization. How can I get involved?

We have a Prayer Force of thousands of men and women around the world and covet all the prayer we can enlist. We are in desperate need of financial champions, always looking for administrative help. We are constantly on the lookout for gifted administrative volunteers.
          However, 100% of our ministry energy will always go directly to ministering to men.

How are you different than other Christian non-profit organizations for men?

From our experience many organizations fall into one of three categories. They sell curriculum resources, put on men’s equipping events such, or they are authors who write books, travel, and speak to men.
          We do most of those (except events) but also try to reach the masses through our forumspodcast, and other social media sources.
          But possibly the greatest distinguishing characteristic of Men in the Arena is our deep convection to partner—to collaborate—with as many Christian organizations for men as possible. We do that through promoting the resources of others on the Men in the Arena Podcast and inviting other groups into our forums. We believe we are much stronger as a united front and have a deep conviction to collaborate.

What is the Men in the Arena Podcast about?

The Men in the Arena Podcast interviews specialists in the realm of manhood. We post two episodes every week. One is our hour-long interview with guests who are experts in a chosen field regarding manhood, lead an organization committed to help men, or have written books on the subject of manhood.
          The second is called, “Equipping Men in 10”, where we take about ten minutes each episode to strategically train men.
          Our conviction is to call men into the Arena of manhood, call them out of the faceless—nameless—bleachers, and call them up to the best version of you, because when a man gets it—everyone wins!

How do I get involved? How do I learn more about manhood?

The first step in our vision is simply to ENLIST in our army. You can do this in one of three ways. First, visit the home page of our website and pick up a FREE copy of our 365 Day Bathroom Book for Men. When you do, we will add you to our website forum and weekly equipping blast. There you will receive free resources that will inspire and equip you to walk in your best version.
          Second, we highly encourage you to engage in the constant dialogue on our men’s discussion forums on Facebook and/or our website.
          Third, subscribe and listen to the Men in the Arena podcast. Our guests are experts in the field of manhood, and you won’t find a better equipping podcast for men anywhere!
          Once you’re receiving these excellent free resources, we want to challenge you to INVEST in your spiritual growth. Purchase our resources and join either a local live team or one of our many virtual teams

I’m a missionary? What do you do to reach men in other nations?

We are a crowd-funded ministry as well, and we’re well aware of the challenges of raising personal support, not to mention the financial constraints of the mission field. That’s why we are excited to offer ALL electronic versions of our curriculum to missionaries AND men in underdeveloped nations. That’s right. FREE. We are blessed to partner with you (Philippians 4:17) and trust that you’ll find ways to pour into our account!

Do you do anything for active military?

Yes! And, thank you for your service! Because of a large group of financial champions who support this ministry we are pleased to offer ALL our electronic resources free to all active military men. Request your free resources. 

I live in an underdeveloped nation and don’t have the disposable income to purchase your resources. How can I get involved?

Simple! Because of a large group of financial champions who support this ministry we are pleased to offer ALL our electronic resources free to all active men in underdeveloped regions and/or nations. Request your free resources. 

Do you do anything to support missionaries who also have a heart to disciple men?

Absolutely! And, thank you for your sacrifice! Because of a large group of financial champions who support this ministry we are pleased to offer ALL our electronic resources free to all active missionaries. Request your free resources. 

I want to join a local Men in the Arena team but am not qualified to lead. How can I join a team if I don’t know where to find one?

If you can’t find a local team to join, you may consider joining one of our virtual teams (LINK) with men from similar time zones around the world. This is a work in progress and if you are interested please email us.

What is the Men in the Arena forum and where do I find it?

We offer two forums for men: Tribes on our website and Facebook  Both forums are tightly monitored by our excellent volunteer team of Arena Coaches  We currently have men from close to 100 nations with theological, cultural, political and demographical differences. The two things we have in common are our faith in Jesus and that we are men. Make sure you watched our pinned video explaining the basic rules of our forums.

What is a man? What makes a man? How do I know if I’m a man?

All Men in the Arena Resources are based on our five-point definition of manhood, which we simply call the Man Card. After research, careful examination, and human experience it’s clear that manhood is five things: “Protecting integrity, fighting apathy, pursuing God passionately, leading courageously, and finishing strong.”

I read your tag line, “When a man gets IT—everyone wins!” What is “IT”?

“It” is not sex so don’t get your hopes up! One woman called us out on the meaning of “It” and was pleased to know “It” wasn’t sex, although we are big fans!
When a man chooses to live by the five attributes of our Man Card (See above FAQ) he is starting to get “it”! “It” is when a man realizes people depend on him, that there is a difference between males and men, and steps up to the high calling of manhood.

What else is important to Men in the Arena?

Glad you asked! Several intangibles are extremely close to the heart of our movement.                         Here are our EIGHT CORE VALUES
          1. We are Christ followers.
          2. We are all about men.
          3. We are systematic regarding vision.
          4. We are intergenerational.
          5. We believe in Kingdom partnership.
          6. We are interdenominational.
          7. We are committed to the local church.
          8. We are lay-led.

I’m a pastor. Will Men in the Arena compete with my church for resources?

We deeply desire partnership. We love pastoral involvement especially in commissioning all Team Captains for ministry. We do not require churches to pay for our resources ahead of time. We invite men to meet off church grounds if they choose. We have, however, found it strategic for men to purchase our Launch Kit (at our cost of materials). Other than that, we do not compete for a church’s resources.

How do I book your founder, Jim Ramos, as a speaker?

We are blessed to have such a passionate communicator to men. Jim Ramos is a nationally sought after keynote speaker, author, and internationally known podcaster whose passionate expository proclamation of God's word, relational humor, and epic storytelling skills will keep you on the edge of your seat.
We have a special speaker page on our website. There you will find his speaking availability, fees, and topics he likes to speak about.

Now what? What do you want from me?

ENLIST in our army right now! Do not hesitate. Go straight to our Homepage and sign up to receive our FREE electronic version of the 365 Day Bathroom Book for Men. Once you do that, we’ll add you to our weekly Equipping Blast and our website discussion forum for men.

How do you support your ministry?

Men in the Arena is strategically a crowd-funded organization that exists to inspire men to become their best version in Christ. Because of a large group of passionate champions, we continue to extend our reach to men. A small percentage of our annual budget actually comes from speaking and resource sales.
          We covet the prayers, resources, and ministry of every man and woman who champions our cause for men, because when a man gets it—everyone wins! You can find out more about how to support our ministry here. Thank you for your generous monthly gift!