Our vision is, “Trusting Jesus Christ to build an army of men, who are becoming their best version in Christ, and changing their world (because when a man gets it—everyone wins!).” Simply put, our vision is to transform the lives of men, and the people and causes they love.

          Our vision is nothing without Jesus who encompasses everything we do and believe. Note that within the vision are our three missional (or strategic) areas: 1) building an army of men, 2) who are becoming their best version, and 3) changing their world. Imagine a mountain with three levels from base to summit. These levels are represented by the words, Enlist, Invest, and Change.
         ENLIST. We are passionately building an army and want to recruit you to be a part of it! The first step in our vision is simply to ENLIST in our army. You can do this in one of three ways.

  • First, join our 10,000-strong private community of men on Facebook and engage in the constant dialogue. That is where we lock shields and support each other on the journey to real manhood.
  • Second, subscribe to our Weekly Equipping Blast (form at the bottom of the page). There you will receive free resources that will inspire and equip you to walk in your best version. 
  • Third, subscribe and listen to the Men in the Arena podcast. Our guests are experts in the field of manhood, and you won’t find a better equipping podcast for men anywhere!

Once you’re receiving these excellent free resources, we want to challenge you to INVEST in your spiritual growth:

  • Join or start a team. Either a local live team or one of our many virtual teams.
  • Check out our books written to help you grow.

         INVEST. Men, don’t think that you’ll become your best version through osmosis. It takes time, energy, and resources. Make a strategic investment in your masculine spiritual growth today. There’s always a cost when anything worthwhile is at stake. A price must be paid, and we don’t care where you pay it or who you pay it to. We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration with other great ministries around the world. We have many excellent resources to help you on the journey to your best version in Jesus. We have books, curriculum, and variety of resources available in our store.
         CHANGE. We live with the conviction that the summit of manhood is when a man fully grasps who he is as a Christian man. When that man commits to living according to the masculine life Jesus modeled, things change. When a man gets it—everyone wins! The “IT” in our tag line is a man radically committed to Jesus and pursuing his best version. When a man gets it, marriages change, families change, churches change, communities change, nations change and the world changes.
          By “Changing their world” we mean their circle of influence. Men are innately wired by God to lead, fix, build and conquer. Men who 'get it' give back. They love. They serve. They sacrifice. Our ministry is supported in large measure by men who get it. Our teams are led by men who get it. We want you to be one of those men, but first things first!