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The consistency of conversation is the biggest thing. I look forward to that part of my Men in the Arena team each week. The level of trust and accountability is great and I love the different perspectives. I often go home and re-read some stuff after group and have seen things in a new perspective. I can be stubborn on what I believe, so being challenged has been helpful.” - Allen, Oregon

“Thankful this morning for you guys, and that I pulled the trigger on registering for this group. I have communicated more with all of you than I have in other groups that are in person. Have a great day everyone.” - NTC

“This group came to me at a good time just after my wife moved out. Getting support calls from my team captain made a huge difference. Guardrails have been instrumental in my walk and have kept me straight. Also, the lesson on friendship was huge. I learned that I have a lot of acquaintances, but not a lot of guys that are real friends. Being surrounded by Men in the Arena guys has been huge. I now want to impact my brother for Christ.” - J

“This group has saved my marriage.” - P

“I thought it was a joke how God would use a satellite group in my life, but God showed me! I’m really close to this group of men, and the things I glean from these men is unfathomable. God is doing something in my life that is indescribable.” - Bill