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The Faithful Man


(McMinnville Area Arena Gathering) 

“Building Guardrails around your Bride"

6:15    Prelude (music)

6:30    Welcome, Announcements, Rules, and Prayer (Tim S)          

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  2. Offering Box
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    2. Tri-Tip, bbq bread (Like you have never experienced), sausage, beans, and salad


Greeting Time


6:40    Prayer and Share (Isaac)


6:45    Message (Isaac)                   “Building Guardrails around Your Bride”


7:10    Table Groups



Round Table Question

This is an opportunity for every man to share a 45-second thought about the question of the week.


Share one thing you do to remain faithful to your bride?


                        Study Time


An overseer  is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife.

1 Timothy 3:2

 New International Version


Introduction to Today’s study from The Full Capacity Man. Christianity stormed the world stage in one of the vilest, most sexualized, times in world history. It has been said that the only new virtue which Christianity brought into this world was chastity. In many ways, the ancient world around the time of Christ was in a state of moral chaos.

The very fact that moderns view pornography, adultery, and sex outside of the marital covenant as wrong, is because of Christianity. The Greco-Roman world was one where even the highest positions and places in society were characterized by brutal immorality. The fledgling Christian Church had to swim against the current to demonstrate chastity, stability, and the sanctity of the Christian home.

Christianity brought monogamy and faithfulness into the family and radically transformed how women were viewed by its born-again men. Christianity is the most freeing event to happen to women in world history.


Here are some quotes to place society’s opinion of women and faithfulness into context.


“If we could do without wives, we would be rid of a nuisance. But since nature has decreed that we can neither live comfortably with them nor live at all without them, we must look rather to our permanent interests than passing pleasure.”                                                    — Emperor Augustus

(63 B.C. -14 A.D.)


According to Roman Law, a wife had no rights—zero. A man could kill his wife if he caught her in adultery, but she could do nothing if he did the same! Polygamy and adultery were so common that Roman Stoic Lucius Seneca (4 B.C.-65 A.D.) stated bluntly, “Only the ugly are loyal.”

—Excerpt from Full Capacity Man                          

How do you think 1 Corinthians 6:13-20 would have been received by the men? Women? Break down the key teaching points from this passage.


“The Greco-Roman laissez-faire view of women and marriage lingered in the Church. Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and the main deity of Corinth. Her temple was one of the most magnificent in the city and it was 1,000 ‘priestesses’ to Venus who were, in reality, publicly supported temple prostitutes offering their services for the worship of Venus.”

—Excerpt from Full Capacity Man


What is marital faithfulness? What is moral purity? What does it mean to be the husband of one wife?

Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6, 1 Timothy 3:2, and Hebrews 13:4


“By ancestral custom, a man can live with more than one wife…With us [Jews] it is lawful for a husband to dissolve a marriage, but a wife, if she departs from her husband, cannot marry another, unless her former husband put her away.”                                     —Josephus,

First-Century Jewish historian


What is a guardrail? What does it do to protect and direct drivers? Proverbs 3:5-6, 16:17, 27:12


“When you build a new house, you must build a railing around the edge of its flat roof.”                                                            Deuteronomy 22:8 (NLT)


What guardrails must be built into your marriage to protect your bride and ensure a lasting marriage?

Proverbs 5:18-20


“A pair of (breasts) can pull a man further than a pair of oxen even can.”

—Bufe Karraker (1926-2001)

Removed from his Fresno, Ca. ministry due to moral failure


What sexual responsibilities must husbands and wives build as guardrails around their marriage? In 1 Corinthians 7:1-5, how do you interpret “fulfill his/her duty” and “depriving one another”?


“If you are a single man reading this, read carefully. Faithfulness starts when you are single. Would you want some strange dude having sex with your future wife right now? Of course not! Then why don’t you act like the man she is praying for and live in sexual purity. Save yourself for her, and on your wedding night, give her the beautiful gift of your virginity. Rock her world. Honor God. Save yourself, in Jesus’ name, for the one woman you are praying for, and will one day marry. You will thank me later.”                                

—Excerpt from, Full Capacity Man


When does a look turn to lust? What do the following verses teach? Job 31:1, Matthew 5:27-30, and 2 Corinthians 10:5


The Greek word for lust is epithymi, which is a strong craving or desire for something or someone. Though it’s used infrequently—only 29 times in Scripture—a common theme is seen in each case. The word is never used in a positive context. It’s always seen in a negative light, especially for a strong desire that is negative and forbidden.”   —Excerpt from, Full Capacity Man


 “He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart.”

— C. S. Lewis


Read 1 Corinthians 10:13. What strategies have you implemented to guard yourself against lust?


 “(Lust is) a strong feeling of sexual desire: a strong desire for something.”



“Lust is not only to desire a woman in an illicit sexual relationship but also to think in terms of how to cause it to happen. Lust has a plan of action attached to it, which differentiates lust as a temptation from lust as a sin.”

—Gene Getz, The Measure of a Man


Where are you not protecting your bride from your own lust and potential sexual immortality? Is there anyone who you have an unhealthy emotional or physical attraction or connection to?


“What do you call a guy with an unprotected smartphone? Dumb. Build guardrails around your bride.”— Excerpt from Full Capacity Man


7:55                Debrief and Prayer (Ed W)


8:00                End