Partner Ministries

We learned early-on that competing with other men's ministries was like engaging in friendly fire. Our ministry is not about promoting OUR ministry and how WE are helping men, rather it's about locking shields with the other groups in this space to get more men off the bleachers and into the fight for God, their families, and their communities.

We, and our partners on this page, are stronger together. Thankfully, our vision doesn't require men to use only our resources. We don't care which ministry men use to awaken their hearts to God's vision for their lives - we just care that they join the fight! Our organization's vision is fulfilled either way: “Trusting Jesus Christ to build an army of men in the arena, who are becoming the best version of themselves in Christ and changing their world (because when a man gets it—everyone wins).” 

[List of Partner Ministries]