A 90 Day Reboot to You Best Self: 7 Steps to Get You Back on Track

There are several times in life when a person needs a reboot, recalibrate, or pivot. The loss of a job. A terrifying health prognosis. A moral or ethical failure. The man who refuses to pivot is the man of mediocrity.

You can’t help but love Frank Rich the moment you meet him with his fully “permed” mullet, classic 80’s mustache, and dangling cross earring. I liked him the moment I met him. Frank hosts The Superhuman Life Podcast, and is a men's health and recovery coach, helping men become better, by rebooting their lives.

He uses intense journaling with his seven-step process to help men reboot their lives.

Below are the seven steps.

Step 1: Identify and acknowledge the problem and how it is holding you back.

Step 2: Make a guaranteed commitment to one other person to change.

Step 3: A two-day water (black coffee) only fast.

Step 4: Write a vision of the future you want to create.

Step 5: Create a 90-day reboot action plan.

Step 6: Express daily gratitude.

Step 7: Have faith in the God who has given you what you need to succeed.

Listen to Frank’s full story and a detailed explanation of his steps to a rebooted life.

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Always be ready to pivot,

Jim Ramos

Men in the Arena, President