Becoming a Man of Grit, Tenacity, and Mental Toughness w/ Dustin Diefenderfer

Every man asks the same question over and over in his mind: “Do I have what it takes?” In other words, am I TOUGH ENOUGH? In this week's interview, Jim Ramos is joined by MTNTOUGH founder Dustin Diefenderfer, an expert on mental toughness. They unpack one myth about toughness that you may believe, and teach you how to get more mentally and physically tough. 

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Dustin founded MTNTOUGH to help individuals become more mentally tough, believing this is the key for them to reach their specific personal and professional goals. “Ever since I was young, I noticed certain people had something others didn’t. I wanted to know how they got it... and how to help other people get it. That’s why I built MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. To be the best in the world at mental toughness...Ultimately, so our customers can have a better life.” Dustin’s areas of expertise include ultra running, mountain and hunting conditioning. Dustin has completed numerous ultra marathons and marathons, running 12 marathons in one year to support his work in Africa. He has spent his entire life pursuing his passions in the mountains of the Western United States. “Hunting has always been my passion and backcountry hunting has tested my mental toughness like nothing else, and without a doubt has made me a better man.”

Here's the book referenced in the podcast:

The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter