Fix Your Marriage: Our Top 10 Marriage Podcasts

Dear Arena Men,

Recently, our videos on marriage have been going super-viral on TikTok, with one at more than a million views and another half a million as I write this. Those big numbers are exciting for us, but they point to a grim reality: marriages are hurting. But also some hope: people are hungry to fix their marriages.

10 years and 500 episodes makes for a LOT of episodes full of wisdom about marriage, so this week, we decided to provide some links to our best stuff on marriage to help you guys out.

Here are our top 11 podcast interviews about marriage:

  1. Your Best Marriage Starts Now! w/ Jim & Shanna Ramos and Paul & Virginia Friesen

  2. What Radical Husbands Do w/ Regi Campbell

  3. Is Your Wife Crazy? Love and Respect w/ Emerson Eggrichs

  4. What Your Wife Needs w/ Willard F. Harley Jr.

  5. Want a Better Sex Life in Your Marriage? w/ Bill and Pam Farrel

  6. Perception vs. Reality in Changing Your Marriage w/ Dr. Jason Karampatsos

  7. Living the Best Version of Your Marriage w/ Don Minter

  8. Learning Your Wife’s Love Language w/ Gary Chapman

  9. 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage When You’re Stuck at Home w/ Gary Chapman

  10. Overcoming Relational Blind Spots w/ Eddie Capparucci

Listen to one of these podcasts today. Take the steps that God is calling you to do in order to fix your marriage. When a man gets it…his marriage wins.