From A Fatherlessness Childhood to Become A Great Dad

Are you a man who grew up without a father?

Maybe your parents were divorced at an early age, and you only had part-time access to your dad.

Maybe your “dad” was little more than a sperm donor who dipped out when he was unwilling to accept his fathering responsibility.

Maybe your parents are still married, but you grew up with a father who was consumed with work. He was physically present but never really there.

How do you overcome these things to become a great father? Who do we look to? Where is the playbook for great parenting?

Fortunately, we have access to all we need through the Word of God and the loving example of the greatest father of all—Our father God!

If you are becoming a great dad who grew up with a poor fathering example, you will love our interview with the founder and President of Real Men Connect, my friend Joe Martin.

Joe grew up fatherless in the “hood” and shares his candid journey, hard lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, and how you can reap the rewards of great fathering.

With You on the Journey,

Jim Ramos
President of Men in the Arena