How a Christian Man Should Treat His Wife

Eight Cow Wife

Why do so many marriages fail where others thrive? Why do once-beautiful brides become frumpy and unattractive? How should a Christian treat his wife in such a way that she will thrive? In this unique podcast, I simply read a story that took place on a remote Pacific Island. This is the story of Johnny Lingo, Sarita his Eight Cow Wife, and lessons we can learn about building our wives.


Marriage Tips from Johnny Lingo

Know what you want in a wife and pay the price to get her.

Single men, are you willing to pay the price? Are you becoming the kind of man your bride deserves by practicing sexual purity, growing in your relationship with Christ, and taking the right steps to provide the best for your bride?


Show (and tell) the world her how much you value her.

Being married to a flight attendant, I resonated when podcast guest Clarence Shuler advised married men to treat their wives as if they were First Class.


“As we spoke a woman entered the adjoining room and placed a bowl of blossoms on the dining table…She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. This girl had an ethereal loveliness. The dew-fresh flowers with which she'd pinned back her lustrous black hair accented the glow of her cheeks. The lift of her shoulders, the tilt of her chin, and the sparkle of her eyes all spelled a pride to which no one could deny her the right. And as she turned to leave, she moved with a grace

that made her look like a queen.”


You have a choice.


Ignore your wife as if she were in storage with the pets and baggage. Put her in the main cabin with the rest of the wives. Or give her the service she deserves. Treat her first class.


Her countenance reflects your treatment.

I’m married to a beautiful woman. She is strong. She is alive. She loves Jesus. She loves people. She represents what Paul spoke to husbands about in 1 Corinthians 11:7, “For man is made in God’s image and reflects God’s glory. And woman reflects man’s glory. (NLT)”


"‘She--she's glorious. Who is she?’ (I couldn't help, but think—if she was a servant, how difficult it must be for homely Sarita, having to daily be in the presence of

such a beautiful woman. And what a temptation for Mr. Lingo!)

‘This is the only one -- Sarita.’"


Her countenance reflects my love.


Think about your wife. She reflects on your treatment. Her countenance is in your care. If you think she is ugly, frumpy, and worn out, it is probably because you made her that way. But it is never too late to have an Eight Cow Wife.


Love your wife until you change her life.

One male once told me that his first wife was just a “Start-Up” wife. He’s now on wife Number Three. I hope he has learned his lesson.


At a low point, early on, during the second year of my marriage, I saw two options (divorce was never an option). I could have a horrible life with a person I hated or change the status quo, and subsequently my marriage.


selfishly chose option number two—to “out-love and out-serve” Shanna. Selfish, because I wanted a great marriage with the woman I loved. I’m glad I chose God’s pathway.


Johnny Lingo expressed my heart perfectly:


“Many things can change a woman. Things that happen inside, things that happen outside. But the thing that matters most is what she thinks about herself.”

He finished softly, "I wanted an eight-cow wife."


When a man gets it—everyone wins.

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