It Stops with YOU: Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Trauma and Sin w/ Patrick Morley

“I’m fine” says every man…but it’s not true. We live in a broken world and every man brings brokenness to the table. How do we sift through our brokenness to find healing? How do we break the cycle of childhood trauma and generational sin? And how do we forgive those that contributed to our brokenness? This week, Jim Ramos is joined again by men’s ministry giant Patrick Morley (of ‘Man in the Mirror’ fame), to discuss his new book, ‘From Broken Boy to Mended Man: A Positive Plan to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Break the Cycle.’ This episode will help you identify your areas that are broken, create an actionable plan for healing them, and deal with the scars from past brokenness. 

Patrick’s Books: (using our links help support the ministry, thanks!)
From Broken Boy to Mended Man -

broken boy to mended man pat morley
Man in the Mirror -

Man in the Mirror Pat Morley

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