November Champions Letter

Dear Champion,

I write this letter 24 hours from my flight to Rochester, New York, where I will give two keynotes to over 500 plus men at an Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference. It is good to get back in the speaking saddle as things start to open.

            On Monday I celebrated with Colton as he shot his first buck, which is a Ramos family rite of passage of sorts, not to mention the rite of passage into manhood ceremony (13 years old) and adulthood (18 years old) that each of my sons experienced. Dads, make sure you are strategic about rites of passage ceremonies with your children, especially your sons.

          We love to celebrate our heroes and what they are doing to impact the ones they love. Stories flood in daily as men are being changed into their best version. Please send us your stories of redemption so we can celebrate what Jesus is doing in you. This comes from a Missouri man via Twitter named Brandon who messaged:

“Wow Jim. I just read your email about your wife is not your best friend. What a kick in the face. I’ve always said that she was, like you, but what you say is completely accurate. She does not see me necessarily in the same way. I definitely have a Barnabas and a Timothy in my life but no Paul. Surely, I cannot be alone. What a great message to send. I appreciate your support. Have a great weekend and keep fighting the good fight! We appreciate you.”

                                                                                              —Brandon, Missouri

SAVE THE DATE! April 9th will be our tenth anniversary celebration banquet. We are excited about the life changing stories, laughter, and celebrating the past ten years of Men in the Arena (The Great Hunt for God). It is humbling to remember that 15 men in a coffee shop has become nearly 15k monthly podcast downloads from 125 nations, and men meeting in small groups all over.

            Lastly, be watching for the release of my newest book, Guts and Manhood: The Four Irrefutable Attributes of Courage, which should be ready by January of 2021. This powerful book is about my personal journey with every time the word courage is mentioned in the Bible, how the epiphany surrounding the word impacted my life, and the four truths about courage you never thought of. You will love it.  

            Thank you to all who have walked this journey with us. I look forward to seeing you on April 9th!


Seeking His Full Capacity,

Jim Ramos

Men in the Arena, Founder and President