October Prayer Newsletter

Dear Arena Men,

This week we hit 50K followers in six short months since our TikTok debut, which started with a video that went viral that now has more than 2 million views!

Interestingly enough, eighty percent of those on TikTok are women! Although we target men, their wives are engaging in an effort to understand, love, and pray for their men.

One woman, Lydia, wrote a beautiful note followed by this eye-dampening poem a short time later:

He’s in the arena. She’s in his corner.
No matter how many times he turns and looks back she will always be there.
She can’t fight for him, but she’s present at each match.
When he’s down for the count, she looks him in the eye and reminds him what he’s fighting for.
Her support inspires him.
He was once on his own, but now he can return to her at the end of each round.
When his eye is swollen shut, she does what’s needed to help him see.
She makes the cut, although it’s messy and painful, because it’s for his best.
He knows she has what it takes to love him when it hurts.
With just one touch he’s ready to go, to keep at it.
She knows he’s tired and weary, but she cheers him on as he endures.
He swings. He misses. He gets hit. He gets knocked down.
But he always rises again. She can’t intervene. She’s not supposed to come to his rescue.
Her place is on the sidelines. Cause when the fight’s done, he comes to her.
She’s his refuge. She’s where he finds rest. She helps him recover.
She tends to his wounds. She motivates him to keep training.
He’s prepared for the next fight. He conditions himself to face the discomfort.
He encounters the violence so she doesn’t have to. Because of what he faces, she is safe.
And in the end, they go home together,
With a shoulder to lean on and arms to embrace.

Once you are done wiping the tears from your eyes, please pray for wisdom as we seek to fill the gap between the thousands upon thousands who follow our ministry and those who commit to a Men in the Arena small group community, which is our heart for every man.

Seeking His Full Capacity,

Jim Ramos