Parenting Through a Crisis w/ Jay Holland

When a BOMB drops on your life, how do you parent through it? Death of a spouse, cancer diagnosis, divorce papers, mental illness - none of us gets through this life unscarred. The question is, when the INEVITABLE crisis comes, who will you lean on? And as a dad, how do you walk your kids through life's hardest circumstances? This week, Jay Holland, the host of the Let's Parent on Purpose podcast, joined Jim Ramos to talk about his journey through crisis with his kids and what got him through it.

[If one of your buddies or someone at your church is going through grief, this series of 4 tiny books is designed to help you support him through the process: Journeying Through Grief by Kenneth C. Haugk. Our Men in the Arena board chair keeps a set of these on hand at all times to hand out.]