Prayer Warrior: How to Know When God is Speaking to You

All Relationships Are Not Equal

Many years ago, I worked with a pastor who boasted that he spoke and acted the same with his wife as members of his congregation. I sat thinking, “Man! I feel sorry for your wife and kids!” I talk to my wife way differently than I talk to anyone else. That is unless you want me to call you honey, sweetie, sweetheart, good lookin’ and have your name saved in my phone as “Babe of all Babes!”

No two relationships are the same. We should treat each with the special care that a unique relationship deserves.

In the same way, we all hear from God differently. Our relationships with Him are unique. However, that creates a problem – how do we know if what we think we’re hearing from Him is legit? How do we tell the difference between His voice, the enemy, our own desires, or the world’s lies?

Here are two tests—the Conduit Test and the Query Test— that I have implemented for years to discern whether I have really heard God speak, or just eaten too much pizza late at night and am feeling the effects!

Conduit Test #1 LOVE: Did the message come to me in a loving way?

Conduit Test #2 BIBLE: Does the message align with God’s Word?

Conduit Test #3 SAINTS: Is God speaking to me through a fellow believer?

Conduit Test #4 HOLY SPIRIT: Am I in tune with what God the Spirit is laying on my heart or mind?

Then I ask a series of questions as a final confirmation. By now this is a seamless process for me since I have been doing it for decades. As you implement this strategy, give it time to settle into your unconscious.

Query Test #1: Will it GLORIFY God?

Query Test #2: Will it EDIFY others?

Query Test #3: Will it MAGNIFY the Scriptures?

Query Test #4: Will it INTENSIFY my relationship with God?

Remember, God speaks constantly, but it is often in a whisper (1 Kings 19:11-13). The world speaks just as often, but it is usually in a scream (1 John 2:15-17) Be careful to discern the right voices.