Preparing Yourself for the Hill You'll Die On

Vice Admiral Lee served in the Coast Guard for nearly 36 years and recently came under fire after 7 cadets were released from the academy after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. They represent the beautiful diversity of America— five men of color and two women. Yet each was dismissed, along with hundreds more at the end of the year. All share one thing.


In a letter to Coast Guard Admirals, Lee wrote, "What I believe we're seeing here is an ideological purge.” In our interview, he described this as a purge of those with religious convictions. This is no surprise (2 Timothy 3:12). We will see more blatant persecution of believers, and it is our job to prepare those we love to face these trials and suffering head-on, with dignity, and without hesitation (1 Peter 3:17).

Historically the Church has grown most explosively during times when the saints faced extreme persecution, not in times of legalized religion. Ancient author, Tertullian (155-220 AD), agreed when he penned, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

Exciting times are ahead! Get ready.

Getting Ready,

Jim Ramos

Men in the Arena, President