Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters

Some stories are better than fiction. Here is one story that was relayed to me by Heather, the Men in the Arena bookkeeper. It is unbelievable, except that it really happened! Here it is in her words.

“I recently contacted QuickBooks support after hours.  To get the help I needed, I entered a chat with a QuickBooks Support Professional.  The entire chat lasted over 3 hours because I had to save new files, change older files, then reload the other files over it.  While waiting for files to load, etc... we started talking and she asked what Men in the Arena was.  I told her about the organization and that the Men in the Arena Podcast was listened to all over the world. She told me she has a boyfriend that wanted to get married, but she wasn't going to marry someone who wasn’t a Christian.           

She started listening to an episode while helping me, since she was working remotely from her home in Costa Rica, and he was in the room. By the time we were off the chat, she had listened to two of the podcasts and noticed her boyfriend was listening too, and very much interested. 

A couple months later she sent me a message letting me know that her boyfriend was a regular podcast listener, had given his life to Christ, and asked her to marry him. She said yes, of course!”

           What a great story of God using Men in the Arena evangelists to impact the world for Jesus! Please pray diligently for me in July as I get off the grid (mostly) to write. July will be spent finalizing our FREE online book called, Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters, which will go live on our website August 1st.

            Most of my writing energy, however, will be spent on a work that could become my magnum opus: The Full Capacity Man: Assessing the 20 Qualities of Your Best Version. The book is divided into our five manhood essentials (Strong Men Dangerous Times), and four subcategories each based on the 20 qualifications of a spiritual leader found in the Pastoral Epistles.

            What sets this book apart is the 10 statements after each chapter (200 total) that men will use to see their strengths, weaknesses and how they measure against other test takers (anonymously of course). If God puts his hand on it, we will reach millions.


Living for Full Capacity,



Jim Ramos