Unseen and Unappreciated: Breaking Out of Your Season of Obscurity w/ Jeremy Wade

Do you feel unseen in your daily life? Do you question where God has you and how he’s using you? You may be in your season of obscurity. You’re in good company – even Jesus had a season of obscurity!

In this week’s interview, Former Seattle Police Officer Jeremy Wade joined Jim Ramos to share his journey and how he questioned where God had him serving. They unpack how to know if you’re in a season of obscurity, how you can survive and thrive while in it, and how to break out of it as you say ‘yes’ to God’s will.

Jeremy served with the Seattle Police Department for 13 years where he was awarded the Medal of Valor and Officer of the Year. He also served as the executive director of the Seattle Police Chaplains Association. He is the founder of Mission First Alliance, a gospel-focused first responder alliance. [Honor God through your fitness. Use code 'ARENA30' at for 6 weeks free access to the MTNTOUGH fitness app.]