Using Your 3 Masculine Strengths to Change Your World

Elliott Hulse is a strongman competitor with nearly 2.4 million social media followers. His goal is simple—make men strong in three specific areas:

Area 1: Restoring traditional masculinity. Traditional (biblical) masculinity is not toxic. A fourth grader can easily prove the oxymoronic flaw of this highly politicized term. Oxford Dictionary defines masculinity as, “(The) qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” Males are toxic. Not men. Masculine or toxic? Choose one.

Area 2: Reviving Patriarchal Values. Patriarchy gets a bad reputation from godless males who lorded their power over others, but this is not God-honoring. With biblical patriarchy comes, what Elliott calls, the “dissolving the ego” (Philippians 2:3-8) -straight out of God’s playbook!

Area 3: Defending the family in this degenerate age. Working in the men’s ministry space, I am encouraged by men of color like Elliott Hulse, Elmo Winters, Voddie Bauchum, and many others who love the word of God and have drawn a line in the sand against this blatant attack against the Bible.

Changing My World,

Jim Ramos
Men in the Arena, President