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Resources for Finishing Strong

Don't buy society's lie to work hard, retire, and coast to the end of life's trail. This couldn't be further from Biblical truth.

Too many men have put their face to the grindstone only to be forgotten on their tombstone.

Don't stop serving God until He takes the final breath from your fighting lungs.

If done right, a man's greatest years are his final years, when he can enjoy the benefits of wisdom gained over a lifetime ascent up the mountain of God.

If you've passed the baton, take it back. Finish your life strong.

Here are Men in the Arena's resources to help you finish your life strong.

Our Top 10 Men in the Arena Podcast Episodes for Finishing Strong

Helping Your Blended Family Thrive
w/ Ron Deal

Step fathering takes wisdom and tact. It’s like putting the right pieces in the proper places on a puzzle board. Ron Deal joined us to help us figure out the stepdad's role. "Being successful as the new stepdad depends heavily on finding your fit, identifying your responsibilities and objectives, and buddying up with your allies.”

Never Surrender
w/ LT General Jerry Boykin

LT General Jerry Boykin spent his life with America's elite forces, bringing down warlords and war criminals, despots, and dictators. Boykin joined us to tell his powerful story of military duty and faith, and why God isn't done with you yet.

The 20 Attributes of a Godly Man. How Do You Measure Up?
w/ Gene Getz

Gene Getz spoke with us about the 20 attributes of a man. We have to ask ourselves, how do we measure up? There are thousands of books published every year. However, very few stay in print—especially for years! “The Measure of a Man” is one of those exceptions. It has never gone out of print for over 40 years!

The Man Bible is Here
w/ Gene Getz

Bestselling author and pastor Gene Getz joined us again to discuss the Life Essentials Study Bible, the first multi-media study bible of its kind.

Navigating the Dark Times of Life
w/ Jack Deere

Jack Deere joined us to talk about his own devastating hurts, and how you can overcome life’s disappointments and learn to hear God speak in unbelievable ways.

Longevity in Life
w/ Bud Lindstrand

Checking out and retiring from your life and your purpose is not an option for the Christian man. Bud Lindstrand, the former CEO of Moda Health Plans, joined us to discuss living each day to the fullest, giving back to others, and making the world a better place.

The Christian Man
w/ Patrick Morley

Patrick Morley, bestselling author of The Man in the Mirror, joined us to speak about the common pain points in a man's life. Identity, work, life balance, marriage...he discussed how to intentionally release the power of God on the issues that matter to you most.

Your Bad Father is No Excuse for Your Poor Fathering
w/ Jim Whitmore

Jim Whitmore shares about his "unique" relationship with his father and how he was still able to honor him. His father was married 15 times, and walked out of Death Row in the State Texas! His story should challenge all men in the area of honoring our parents.

How to Deal with a Crisis?
w/ Clair Hoover

In this episode we interview Clair Hoover with NCMM, National Coalition of Ministries to Men. Clair shares about that gut shot that every man gets. Are you ready for the gut shot when it comes? Because it will come.

One Thing You Can Do to Be the Best Version of You
w/ Brett Clemmer

Brett Clemmer, President of Man in the Mirror, joined us to talk about one thing you can do today to become your best version.

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