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Resources for Pursuing God Passionately

A man's greatest hunt is his great hunt for God.

There's no other mountain worth summiting.

There's no other trophy worth pursuing.

And there's no other life worth living except the life committed to seeking the Creator of the Universe.

Do you want to be a real man? Do you want to do what you were made for?

Good. It starts with the passionate pursuit of God. 

Here are Men in the Arena's resources to help you pursue God passionately.

Our Top 10 Men in the Arena Podcast Episodes for Pursuing God Passionately

The Chosen: The Most Important Thing To Lead Well
w/ Justin Overlander

Justen Overlander, the associate producer of The Chosen, joined us to speak about this powerful project. The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season show about Jesus and His followers. The global success of The Chosen has allowed Justen to reach and remind people that Jesus meets you where you’re at.

Moving Away from Performance-Based Religion
w/ Wayne Jacobsen

Are you stuck in thinking 'do good, get good, do bad, get bad?' Wayne Jacobsen, co-author of The Shack, unpacks his book, He Loves Me with Jim Ramos. Wayne helps men look at their relationship with Jesus completely differently.

A Great Resource for You and Your Wife
w/ Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins joined us to discuss the book that Jim reads to and with his wife daily. The Jesus Story blends all four Gospel accounts into a single harmonious narrative while capturing the essence of each writer.

Fatherly Words of Wisdom from a Fatherless Man
w/ Kenneth Joyner

Author Kenneth Joyner, the subject of the viral "Gentleman's Club" photo, walked us through his twenty core principles of being a father figure. They aren't necessarily about being the biological father (although they can be), but they’re about playing the role of a father figure in the life of a young man who needs you, and how to overcome if your own father wasn't present.

Wild Awakening: How a Raging Grizzly Healed My Wounded Heart
w/ Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews joined us to describe the near-fatal grizzly attack that lead him to an unexpected encounter with God and changed his understanding of what it is to be a man.

What is a Better Man?
w/ Robert Lewis

"Without a vision men turn toxic!" Robert Lewis, the founder of BetterMen, joined us to describe a new way for men, especially younger men, to get their hands around God’s timeless design for authentic manhood.

Becoming a True Warrior
w/ Michael Thompson

What if you could live with Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove, and Nothing to Fear? Michael Thompson joined us to discuss the foundation of masculinity: Sonship.

Every Man Worships Something
w/ Jeff Deyo

Do you, like many men, go to church but struggle with the "worship?" Jeff Deyo joined us to challenge men to look at "worship" differently.

Adventurous Living with Reckless Abandon
w/ Seth Barnes

Seth Barnes, the founder of Adventures in Missions and the World Race joined us to talk about adventure. Being on this planet is not about just surviving, it's about thriving. Life is an adventure that is meant to be lived above mediocrity.

Our Books to Help You Fight Apathy

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