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Here is the list of teams and times. Pick the one that works for you. Click on one of the team captain's names to email them that "you are in!" They will send you the Zoom link for their meeting.   


All of our teams communicate with each other through a Telegram thread. Make sure to download that Telegram app to your phone. Your team captains can help you with this. 

Teams are limited to volunteers that we have at the time and place.
Sam Roberts Jr. and Dale Collver Wednesday 6am PST Book 3
Jay Penton and Dan Smoker – Tuesday 6:30pm CST Book 3
Pat George and Mike Goins – Tuesday 7pm PST Starting  Book 3 this Fall
Gary and Casey McCusker – Thursday 6:45-8pm PST Book 2
Jeff Dyck, and Kevin Brewer   New Launch Monday 7-8pm PST Book 2
Joe Bradley and Fred Workman  New Launch Tuesday 7:30pm MST Book 1
Garrett Schooley and Jeff Vandyke  New Launch Tuesday 6:30-8pm PST Book 1
Jack Eaton and Rob Dickerson New Launch Thursday 6-7:15pm EST Starting  Book 2 in Sept
Don't see a time that works for you? Please shoot us an email at with what timing you were looking for so we are aware of the areas of greatest need. We will be adding more teams over time.

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