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Resources for Fighting Apathy

Apathy is man's greatest fight. We live in a world of calloused, indifferent, passive men.

Tragically, many have succumbed to society's emasculating voices telling them to defer their God-given responsibility to lead.

But those voices are liars. Fight against them. 

Here are Men in the Arena's resources to help you win your war against apathy.

Our Top 10 Men in the Arena Podcast Episodes for Fighting Apathy

Overcoming Adversity to Find Victory
w/ Allen Schwartz

We can all make excuses. But this episode reminds us that we don’t have to let our circumstances stop us from going forward. Allen Schwartz is a 6x starter and finisher of the Leadville Trail 100 MTN Bike Race. His story will challenge you!

Winning the Digital Cocaine Battle
w/ Brad Huddleston

If you are a dad you need to listen to this episode! Your kids probably already have an addiction to something and you may not even realize it! This episode will change how you lead your family's technology use.

No More Christian Nice Guy
w/ Paul Coughlin

Paul Coughlin explains in this episode why being a “nice guy” is disastrous to everyone involved. Instead, Paul shows how the abundant life that God has for us is found through a more assertive orientation toward life.

Dad, Just say, "Sure."
w/ Todd Wilson

In this episode, Todd Wilson, founder of Familyman Ministries, reminded us about what’s most important in life. When your kids ask you to do something, just say "sure!"

How to Love Your Wife Well
w/ Paul Friesen

The best-known passage on marriage in the Bible instructs us as husbands to “love your wives, as Christ loved the church...” Now that’s a bar we can barely see, let alone reach! So what do we do?

Keeping Your Wife Your Best Friend
w/ Dr. Clarence Shuler

Dr. Clarence Shuler, a marriage expert for Oprah’s “Love Goals” reality show in 2020 and author of 10 books, spoke to us about how to keep your wife your best friend.

Tactical Relationship Training - How to Deal with Different and Difficult People
w/ Elmo Winters

Elmo Winters founded the KINGDOM Group International, an organization dedicated to racial healing, unity and reconciliation utilizing the life changing Gospel of Christ. In this podcast, Elmo discussed the Christian response to the issues facing our culture.

Manly Man Vs. Weak Wimp
w/ Stephen Mansfield

Are you a manly man or a wimp? No one wants to be known as a wimp, but so few know what a 'manly' man looks like. What maxims should a man live by? New York Times best selling author Stephen Mansfield joined us to dive into his list of manly maxims.

How to Achieve Your Goals
w/ Paul Cole

Paul Cole joins Men in the Arena to discuss the age old questions: Am I living life at my full capacity? What is the larger purpose of my life? How do I build a life that counts?

Dangerous Good
w/ Kenny Luck

Kenny Luck throws down the gauntlet to a generation of men who have become comfortable with a culturally safe Christian faith.

Our Books to Help You Fight Apathy

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