Defeating Shame: 4 Practices to Eliminate Shame and Addiction from Your Life

Interview Episode Part II with Ted Shimer

My first interview with Ted Shimer, author of the Freedom Fight was so powerful I had to bring him back to discuss the deepest of his six root causes of addiction—shame.

He wrote that “Shame was the most consistent key driver of unwanted behavior. Shame convinces us that we are unwanted, and we pursue behavior that confirms it. To find freedom, disarm the power of shame.”

In our second interview, we define shame, discuss its river-like qualities, determine why vulnerability is the pathway to freedom, and dive into the four ways to defeat shame. Below are the four practices to defeat shame.

          Renew our minds daily (Romans 12:1-2).

          Use shame as a reminder when we drift.

          Live our new identity by faith in Jesus.

          Ask God for help when we experience shame.

After you listen to our interview head over to the Freedom Fight website for your free thirty-day trial.

Living Free,

Jim Ramos

President of Men in the Arena