Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Remember, Christmas is all about Jesus. Find ways, as many as possible, to turn your family’s focus away from worldly things and toward Christ the Savior.

When a man gets it—Christ in Christmas wins!

As we turn the corner on our tenth Men in the Arena anniversary, I pinch myself to see if it is real or just my imagination. What started with 15 men in a small-town coffee shop has grown to 35k November podcast downloads from 125 nations, more than 13k followers on Instagram, and our closed forum that has surpassed 11k men globally. Every day we get many reports from men thanking Men in the Arena for how God is impacting their lives. Here are two recent “Hero Stories” from Instagram: 

“I just downloaded your free Tell Them book from the website and read through the first couple of days. Great topics to talk about with my sons! So meaningful! I find it is another area I fall short on. I give my kids a lot of affection but don’t do well on meaningful conversation. This is a great tool. It has already provoked thoughts about how I can improve on how my father spent time with me. Thank you!” -Trocco

When a man gets it—his sons win!

First off, I love your podcasts. I am working my way through them. I started at the beginning. and I am currently on episode 255. Love them! I am in the middle of the arena, getting hit from all sides!!! Luckily, I'm standing on the Rock of Jesus. Your podcast is different than the other podcasts I listen to. You are down to earth and do not sugar coat things. Thank you for keeping it real!!” -Dave

When a man gets it—those in the arena with him win!

I write this in the middle of Linfield University’s college football playoffs, where Colton is the starting punter and I’m the team chaplain. Travel makes things crazier than usual. Please pray for peace during it all. January will be a huge month as we release Guts and Manhood: Four Irrefutable Attributes of Courage, and travel to Minnesota and New York for extended speaking engagements.

Thank you for faithfully supporting this ministry in whatever way God puts on your heart. You are the heroes of Men in the Arena.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Jim Ramos

Men in the Arena, Founder and President