October Prayer Force Letter

October 7, 2021

Dear Prayer Force Warrior, 

In every newsletter we like to highlight one of our heroes—a man who is being changed into his best image in part through the ministries of Men in the Arena. Please send us your stories of redemption so we can celebrate with you. This comes from a friend and old neighbor who coordinated my speaking at a county-wide event in eastern Oregon last week. His story is truly miraculous!

“I wasn’t a good husband or father when my wife left me for almost 70 days. I was a cheating, lying, chain-smoking, alcoholic. If I was her, I wouldn’t have returned. During that time, I got connected with a men’s ministry that my neighbor started. This neighbor of mine has small group materials, wrote books, and has a podcast.  Somewhere in this, he said, ‘Pray with your wife.’ It was a game changer. Our marriage is stronger now than ever! I want to encourage men to pray with their spouse. The first time is hard and perhaps awkward, but the reward is priceless.” 

                                                                                         - Alex, Eastern Oregon 

As the nation slowly opens, the speaking engagements are pouring in. God is using my newest book, the Full Capacity Man, nine months before it is published, through a men’s seminar weekend and weekly Bible study. I’m excited about the innumerable amounts of men this book will impact.            

Our banquet team is in the early stages of preparation for our annual fundraising banquet set for April 9. We are excited about the life changing stories, laughter, and celebrating the past two years of ministry. We will be introducing Jay Penton, our first full time Regional Field Director for the southern states. Jay and his bride Dana live in Prattville, Alabama, where Jay serves as a State Trooper. They will join our team after Jay retires this winter and raises his support. There are a lot of moving parts with this first out-of-state hire, so please pray.

Pray also for Shanna and me. We have prayed for, written about, and shared about Shanna’s flight attendant journey since 2018. Events surrounding COVID-19 are jeopardizing her job. We trust God fully, but still covet prayers that God would continue to place a hedge of protection around Shanna’s heart and career.  


Seeking His Full Capacity,


Jim Ramos

Men in the Arena,

Founder and President