Prayer Warrior: The Easiest 5 -Step System for How to Pray

“Be still, and know that I am GOD.”

What is prayer? As a youth pastor, students almost always said, “talking God.” But it is much deeper than that.

Psalm 46:10 gives us a great model for how to pray. It is both simple and profound.

Step #1: Be still and know that I am God

It is TURNING to God. Experiencing God in everything. Seeing Him in the glory of what He has made. It is that WORDLESS MOMENT when God has our full attention. It is a 180-degree turn to the King.

(see Ecclesiastes 5:7)

Step #2: Be still and know that I Am

This is a call TO PRAISE. Praise is as simple as reflecting on WHO God is (not what He does). He is the Alpha, Omega, First, Last, Wonderful, Counselor, Rock, Comforter, Lord, Savior, Creator of the Universe, Unchanging, Perfect, Love, Provider, Healer, Way, Truth, and Life.

Sometimes all we have left to give is praise. Life is brutal. When life throws you a curveball, I’ve discovered that when I remind God of His character and nature, everything changes.

(see Matthew 6:9)

Step #3: Be still and know

This is a call to TRUTH. Christians are choosing sides over temporal subjects like politics and which news we should believe. We are arguing side-by-side over the same issues with non-believers.

It is all about truth. It is all about Jesus. Make sharing that truth be your compass. Stay in your lane.

(see John 14:6)

Step #4: Be still

This is a call TO LISTEN. In my silence, God is the loudest.

I pray in the darkest places possible. I remove as much stimulus as possible. I get comfortable.

GUESS WHAT? Sometimes I fall asleep while praying. My prayer time often becomes nap time for the glory of God. Silence is the greatest tool for this extrovert’s heart. Do not fear silence. Embrace it.

(see Psalm 40:1)

Step #5: Be

This is a call TO TRUST. Whenever I lose sight of God’s call to trust HIm—TO BE— my life unravels because resting is counterintuitive to the American Dream. I lose focus on what matters most. TRUSTING HIM

My advice to you…BE!


(see Matthew 11:28)

I explain each of these steps more fully in this week’s equipping episode. The next time you go to God in prayer, I challenge you to use this model. See what happens.