What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters

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Braeden is a high performing collegiate athlete whose story is like so many today. Over coffee he shared about a biological father, who he has never met yet and lives in the same small Pacific Northwest logging town. The man he calls “Dad” never married his mother but raised him nonetheless until the breakup. The mother moved out and left Braeden to be raised by his “Dad” who eventually moved another woman into the house with her four children. 

          He applied for college, grants, and visited colleges all on his own. He is working to put himself through college on his own. He is a man. After bravely sharing his story he said, “Just tell me what to do and I will do it. I have no men to tell me how to live for Jesus and be a man.”

          I thought of how different his life might have been if the men in his life would have had our newest resource at their disposal—and implemented it. 

What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters.

When researching a free resource to offer to men living in the Stress Bubble of life (aka The Arena), I came across this gem in the depths of my computer files. Misty-eyed I gently read over each of the “Tell him” statements I used as a personal guide in raising my wonderful sons: James, Darby, and Colton. Although I have edited the book to include sons and daughters, my experience is with my three sons who are now fine men—believe in Jesus, earned bachelor’s degrees, have great careers, and love people.

          I’m immensely proud of each.

          I have found that raising children who turn into outstanding adults is not a fluke, but in our world of anonymous fathers who refuse to step into the arena of manhood, it is no longer the norm. Raising children who grow into excellent adults comes at a great expense, and that expense is relentless parenting. 

          Thank you for putting yourself into an elite category of men who are reading this blog and who will download our free resource Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters. Thank you for choosing the arena floor instead of the anonymous bleachers. One day your children and grandchildren will thank you. My prayer is that Tell Them equips you to find parenting victory as you step out of the anonymous bleachers and into the Arena of fathering.

          You’ve got this!

Who is Tell Them written to?

This is also an excellent resource for moms, or both parents together, but I have written it for you—the man. When you get it—everyone wins. The fact that you are reading this, tells me that you do indeed get it and your family is already winning.

          Statements target things a dad should tell 4-14 year old sons and daughters, but most of these are appropriate for your children and grandchildren at any age.

A book for personal reflection and meditation

The most effective way to utilize Tell Them is by using the acrostic R.E.A.D to ponder each Tell Them statement. This is the same method I use to study the Bible. It is simple. It is easy. It is extremely effective. It is a life changer. 

Read the quote of the day 5 to 10 times. Read it as you would read a book without searching for meaning, but simply reading for the general feel, main thought, topic, or idea. Put it into your own words. Write it down. 

Examine the statement of the day carefully, searching for meaning and understanding. Study every word, phrase, and punctuation mark until you have a strong understanding of it. Consider the emotion behind the words. Why was this written. What could be the backstory? Meditate on phrases and thought patterns of the verse for deeper meanings. “Examine” and “Ask” are linked closely enough that they should be done simultaneously.

Ask questions such as, “Which of my children might this target today? What are the circumstances that one of my children are experiencing now? What does this have to do with him or her? Why was this written? How does it impact my fathering now? Where am I weak as a parent? What will I do about it? How do I apply it to my life?”

Discover one nugget of truth, apply it to your life, and share it with a friend! You may find a nugget early, or it may take more meditation. Either way, R.E.A.D. each Tell Them quote of the day all the way through and, who knows, you may find a gold mine of truth instead of a gold nugget! 

A Book to Guide Great Fathers

Treat this like a workbook or daily meditation tool. This book is worthless unless implemented. The two worst things you could do are to not read the book at all, and to read through it in one setting, put it down and never refer to it again.  It is a great tool to use at mealtimes, bedtime, or to form a habit of pouring into your children.

          The daily Bible passage is meant to be a discussion starter to give context for those who use this with their children at meals, before bedtime, or text messaging. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.


Tell Them.

What will you do with this new knowledge? Start leaving a legacy today. Download our free, Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters including 200 statements, Bible verses, and images to help you become your best version of a father. When you see this book, you will not believe we are not selling it. It will be a cherished tool in your fathering arsenal.

          Get it now before we change our mind!

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