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  • DAD WISDOM: PART II, Words of Wisdom for Fathers

    As a follower of Jesus, pop culture and social norms fall victim to truth. They must. The non-conformist Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 1:25, Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 

    And again in 1 Corinthians 2:4-6, “My message and my preaching were (a) demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God. Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away.

    Our guest Kenny Joyner shared #11-21 of his timeless Words of Wisdom for fathers...

  • PARENTING WISDOM: PART 1- 21 Words of Wisdom for Dads

    Anonymous in the Bleachers, Not in the Game 

    In his book, Joyner asks readers a profound question, “Where are our fathers? Where the strong and courageous men that God and our society are looking for? Gone are the days of traditional families, which were led by strong and courageous men who placed an underlying loyalty on family values. Gone are the days when children would meet their fathers at the door after a hard day of work.”

  • THE DAUGHTER WHISPERER: A Relationship-Changing Acrostic for Dads of Daughters

     It is critical that our daughters are secure in our love for them. In us, they must find a safe harbor to share their feelings, thoughts and worries. Michelle writes, “You see, a settledness takes hold in the depths of a woman’s being when she knows she doesn’t have to shout above all the noise just to be heard. And a power takes root in her when she fully believes that she matters because what she thinks and feels matters...
  • THE DAD WHISPERER- Parenting Habits for Dads of Daughters

     Dr. Michelle Watson was our first solo female guest on the Men in the Arena podcast and what a show it was! Michelle is the founder of the Dad Whisperer Podcast and author of her latest book, Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Dads and Daughters. If you are a dad of daughters, she is worth looking into. Here are five Daughter Whisperer tips from her book.
  • MASCULINITY STRENGTH AND THE TOXICITY OF THE WEAK- Five Essentials of Masculine Strength

    Manhood is a journey not a destination. A man is as a man does. It is function (doing manly things) more than form (looking manly). What is gained today can be lost tomorrow, which is why we use progressive verbs to describe each of the five. 

                It is a climb—the grind of your life—but when you die you will be remembered as a man who brought the blessing of manly strength instead of the toxicity of male weakness.

  • DEVELOPING ENDURANCE IS A BIBLICAL VIRTUE - The Secret Ingredient to A Winning Faith

    In my limited history, I have discovered that sold out followers of Jesus are the toughest, most enduring people on the planet. I’ve never met anyone with as much true grit as man who has modeled his life after Jesus Christ.

    It is true. Jesus will make you more of a man than you every could have been without Him.

  • DIVORCE- PROOF YOUR MARRIAGE Seven Ways to Make Your Wife Your Best Friend

    This morning I saw a selfie and post from a beautiful gal who was in my youth group two decades ago. The overwhelming sadness in her eyes compelled me to stop scrolling and read. Her post was her divorce announcement. By the undertones of her words, I almost audibly pondered, “I wonder what he did?”
  • SURVIVAL GEAR - 7 Tools Needed for the Fatherhood Adventure

    In my daily devotional, The Field Guide: A Bathroom Book for Men, “Wyoming Nights” recounts a dangerous night of suffering hypothermia while hunting the high country of Wyoming and needing their body to survive the night. It is an embarrassing yet memorable event. Click the link to read about it my short story, “California Rodeo in Wyoming.”

                From that memorable night in 2001 I learned to carry the proper survival gear needed for every contingency. So often we pack our fears, filling our lives with worthless items, to the neglect of those necessary to be the best father to our children.

  • California Rodeo in Wyoming

    I knew we were in trouble at the planning meeting and BBQ two weeks before we left for Wyoming. Three of the four men, I had never met before that night. They were buck hunting fanatics, with over 80 mule deer to their credit. Being the only mule deer virgin in the group I was excited to hunt with them. We met with our families and had a wonderful time of eating wild game, the great desserts prepared by our wives, and having fellowship. I was especially impressed with the heartfelt prayer time with the men as we held hands and prayed for God’s blessing on our trip. Driving home my wife asked me what I thought of the guys. My knee-jerk reaction was, “Wow, what a godly group of guys but it concerns me that we are packing in with five horses and only one of us (Bill) even knows how to saddle one! Having a very negative experience with a horse as a kid I was intimidated, and this meeting only confirmed my biggest fears.
  • Will Wearing Masks Ever End? - Pro Tips for Removing Masks Men Wear at Church

           As the world opens up again and masks slowly fade into memory (hopefully), I’m reminded of another annoying mask men wear—the veneer concealing their true self... 
  • What Do You Say to a Grieving Friend?

    This is not a usual blog about our latest Men in the Arena Podcast guest. It is much more guttural. This is a blog about a friend—a 2:00 AM friend—a guy I could call anytime, anywhere, and he’d be there no questions asked...
  • Not a Fan, but a Follower - Notes on Luke 9:57-62

    Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus? Those are two different things. In these notes on Luke 9:57-62, Jim Ramos outlines what makes a follower of Jesus different from a fan. 

    Here are some thoughts about fans:

    • Fans live vicariously through those in the arena or on stage.
    • Fans want to be close to the stage but far enough to be safe. “Followers will do some crazy things for love, but fans want to play it safe.” - Kyle Idleman
    • Fans jump on and off the bandwagon of success...