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    Arena Men, Saving Innocence Martin Luther King Jr. once said something that should be every man’s marching order: “Our lives begin to end the day ...
  • March Prayer Force Newsletter

    Every quarter, we send our Champions Letter to those who are actively championing our great cause. I personally sign every letter and usually incl...
  • 5 Lies Christian Men Believe vs. Biblical Truth

    Lie #1: Grace is Enough. (Or is it?) Who needs obedience? The truth is, though we are under the law of grace (Romans 4:16) through faith (Ephesians 2:8-10), we are still required to honor God with a life of biblical obedience.
  • How to Identify and Avoid a Plane Crash

    Arena Men, As the husband of a flight attendant who spends 90 hours a month (not to mention the countless hours in airports, on layovers, and com...
  • Five Magnetic Traits of Jesus You Can Imitate

    Arena Men, The Chosen I am fanatical about the wildly popular series, The Chosen. Not only have I watched each episode of the first 16 episodes t...
  • February Champion Newsletter

        Dear Champions,  Last month we experienced explosive growth on our social media platforms averaging approximately 500 new followers a week on ...
  • Lessons from Michelangelo’s Statue of David

    Maybe you’re like young David. You sense something great inside of you, but you are stuck in the field while everyone else is being told they are the ones who have potential. You aren’t good-looking enough. You aren’t smart enough. You aren’t skilled enough. You have too much baggage. You have too much sin.
  • How to Reach Your Goals for 2022

    Last week on the Men in the Arena Podcast, we interviewed my friend and fellow NCMM Board Member, Rod Handley. Not only is Rod the president of Character that Counts but is a Stage Four cancer survivor. Three years ago, while undergoing surgery to remove gall stones, surgeons discovered a rare form of cancer nicknamed, “Dead Man Walking Cancer” because, by the time it manifests symptoms, patients live about one day before dying.

  • Men in the Arena's 2021 in Review - God is Moving!

    P.S. SAVE THE DATE: April 9 is the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Men in the Arena which will be held at 700 N. Hill Rd, McMinnville, Oregon. Sponsor a table of 8 for $500, donate an auction item (vacation home, trip, craft, etc.), or reserve your individual seats for $65 per person..


  • Merry Christmas

    “I just downloaded your free Tell Them book from the website and read through the first couple of days. Great topics to talk about with my sons! So meaningful! I find it is another area I fall short on. I give my kids a lot of affection but don’t do well on meaningful conversation. This is a great tool. It has already provoked thoughts about how I can improve on how my father spent time with me. Thank you!” -Trocco
  • Understanding Success in God’s Eyes

    Jesus was homeless. That’s right. The ultimate anathema in America! He had no place to put his Christmas tree! In Luke 9:58 he matter-of-factly admitted it, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” 

    We should rethink our definition of success!

  • How to Thank God, and Why Being Thankful is Important

    2021: Year of Years

    I’m not sure what’s been rougher, 2020 or 2021. For some the answer is that both were equally horrible. It can be difficult to give thanks one day a year, let alone every day, but I highly recommend it.