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  • How to Lead Those You Love: Our Top 10 Podcasts on Leading Courageously

    Too may Christian men defer the spiritual leadership of their families to pastors, lay leaders, and churches, and away from their biblical mandate....
  • Romance 101: The Manly Art of Love-Letter Writing

    Are you ready to turbo-boost your marriage? Then tell your wife how much she means to you by writing a Love Letter. OK… yep… uh-huh…You are mutter...
  • Defining the Kind of Marriage You Want by Garrett Schooley

      What Kind of Marriage Do You Have? Recently, my wife and I had the pleasure of going through Francis and Lisa Chan’s book, You and Me Forever:...
  • Fix Your Marriage: Our Top 11 Marriage Podcasts

    Dear Arena Men, Recently, our videos on marriage have been going super-viral on TikTok, with one at more than a million views and another half a ...
  • How to Identify and Avoid a Plane Crash

    Arena Men, As the husband of a flight attendant who spends 90 hours a month (not to mention the countless hours in airports, on layovers, and com...
  • Your Wife is Not Your Best Friend

    Why are we so clueless guys? Sorry, why am I so clueless guys?! After the interviews with Brian and Rich, it hit me like a punch in the face.  Shanna’s best friend is Beth and I know this because that is how she introduces Beth to people. 

    When I tell people Shanna is my best friend, she smiles politely yet remains silent. She has never called me her best friend! Because I am not her best friend. Beth is.

  • One Simple Habit to Make Your Mark An Exclamation Not A Question Mark

     There are finishes and there are strong finishes. They are not the same. Sometimes a finish is a wrong finish. A divorce is a wrong finish. A suicide is a wrong finish. Getting fired from your job for reasons you could have avoided is a wrong finish. To live selfishly in retirement, refusing to impact others with your experiences, wisdom, and expertise is a wrong finish. It may be the most tragic finish of them all.
  • THE DAUGHTER WHISPERER: A Relationship-Changing Acrostic for Dads of Daughters

     It is critical that our daughters are secure in our love for them. In us, they must find a safe harbor to share their feelings, thoughts and worries. Michelle writes, “You see, a settledness takes hold in the depths of a woman’s being when she knows she doesn’t have to shout above all the noise just to be heard. And a power takes root in her when she fully believes that she matters because what she thinks and feels matters...
  • DIVORCE- PROOF YOUR MARRIAGE Seven Ways to Make Your Wife Your Best Friend

    This morning I saw a selfie and post from a beautiful gal who was in my youth group two decades ago. The overwhelming sadness in her eyes compelled me to stop scrolling and read. Her post was her divorce announcement. By the undertones of her words, I almost audibly pondered, “I wonder what he did?”
  • 5 Wise Tips for the Smart Stepdad - How to Become a Better Stepdad

    In the United States 50% of children will have a stepparent at some point in their lifetime, and 90% of children in step-families live with their mom and stepdad. Forty percent of children from divorce will not see their dad for an entire year, which places an added burden on stepdads.
              Stepchildren who have good relationships with both their stepfather and their nonresident biological father have better outcomes than children who have good relationships with just their father...
  • Best Advice for a Successful Marriage - From a Couple Married for Half A Century

    I spoke at a conference with a man who shocked me when he confessed to being a “serial adulterer” who recently repented, remarried, and was there to tell me how to make marriage work. Huh?
              Another time I overheard one man telling an intently listening group of other men, “I just told my third wife that my kids were more important than her and if she didn’t like it, she could leave.”
              That advice was shut down quick. 
    Are these two men who you want to give you marriage advice? I hope not. Do you want the best advice for marriage?...

  • What is the Purpose of Sex? - Three (or Four) Reasons God Made Sex

    I grew up in a broken home but saw my Dad daily since he was a teacher at my high school. I distinctly remember the day my dad discovered I was dating a girl of a certain reputation and literally followed my bus home so he could convince me to break up with her!
              I didn’t. I should have...