One Job Only a Man Can Do: Calling Out Femininity in Our Wives and Daughters

Let’s be honest. There are certain things women do naturally that come with great difficulty to men. Certain things most of us couldn’t do if we tried.

But the same goes for men. If you are a dad of daughters (granddaughters and daughters-in-law) there is a job that you can do that your wife cannot.

The Question:
What does it mean to call out the femininity in our daughters?

The Call:
Calling the beauty and femininity out of the women in your life (wife, daughters, and granddaughters) is a job that only a man can do.

The List:
Five things to affirm her femininity are…

1.    Her Uniqueness: God broke the mold with her.

2.    Her Beauty: She is captivating.

3.    Her Strength: She is powerful.

4.    Her Worth: She has a value that is worth pursuing.

5.    Her ENOUGHENESS: She is enough! I made up the word. Great job, huh?

The Truth:
If she does not receive affirmation from you, SHE WILL look somewhere else for it, and it will probably be in the arms of a horny teenaged boy (like you were) who will say anything to get what he wants.

The Problem:
This is not natural for us men, and must be taught. We need our wives to show us HOW TO affirm our daughters and granddaughters' femininity.

The Rub:
We learn how to do this from our wives, trust that our wives received this from their fathers (if not, this will be a point of her brokenness), but must continue to call it out in our wives even as they teach us!

The Fear:
Give your teenage daughter physical affection. Our culture has made men afraid that an appropriate embrace will be taken the wrong way. Get over it. Do not pull away from her at puberty. Hug her anyway. Affirm her femininity from a safe and appropriate source—you! She needs you more than ever.

The Click:

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