Tribute (Blessing) Letter

From NCMM President Jim Whitmore to His Father

Edited: May 27, 2021

Dad, you never let me tell you how much I appreciate you and need you in my life.  I guess it's your tough outer skin that hides on the softest hearts I have ever known.   So, in the presence of my friends and family I would like to take the time to honor you publicly and to thank you.  I am so very glad that I didn’t have the typical father; I don’t know that I would have become the man that I am.  

You were no Ward Cleaver that’s for sure.  But I know that no father could love a son more than you did.   Ever since I can remember you have told me you love me more than life itself and I have never doubted that.  So much of who I am because of the experience you gave I took the best of your qualities and made them a part of who I am and learned from you mistakes and there were plenty of them as well.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but you have at least respected my values and beliefs even when they clashed with yours.

I can never express my gratitude for the experiences you have given me.  You showed me the world through your eyes. Our trips around the world expanded my horizons.  You always wanted me to see the real side of life but more important than that you wanted me to experience them.  You have never sugar coated or hid the truth and for that I am eternally grateful.

So many of my greatest gifts have come from you, you gave me the gift of speech, the ability to be comfortable in any environment, and the confidence to look any man in the eye and consider him my equal.  You have taught me to fear no one except God.

You weren’t the model Dad, but you were my friend, I always knew that I could tell you the truth about anything you loved me with all your heart, you gave me a liberal education, and made me student of life. What a precious gift.

I confess before my friends and family you were the perfect father for me, you were my greatest fan, confidant, and supporter.  You loved me and always affirmed me.  Dad I love you. I accept you for who you are and thanks for always being there and giving me more than a last name and I will always be there for you.