Being a strong man is still a quality to be celebrated, even within the chaos of a shifting society. In Strong Men Dangerous Times, Jim Ramos aims to accomplish one task—to help you to understand manhood.


In a culture that embraces male passivity, real manhood requires countercultural fearlessness and strength. In Guts and Manhood: Four Irrefutable Attributes of Couragebestselling author Jim Ramos calls men to action, stirring their hearts to live life fully and courageously.


The Strong Men Study Guides

Being a strong man requires living with integrity, fighting apathy, pursuing God passionately, leading courageously, and finishing strong. Lead your men's small group through this transformative study guide series and watch the transformation happen in their hearts, families, and communities.

What do YOU read in the can?

So you want to grow in your faith and lead your family well, but you're not a big reader? We've got you covered. Come out of the pot a better man.


Free Resource for Dads!

Spiritual leadership of your kids doesn't have to be difficult. It's just a matter of talking to them. Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters is our free PDF download designed just for dads. 200 conversation prompts with accompanying verses will help you have those all-important conversations with your kids.

Starting a men's group at your church? Intimidating, right? In this PDF download, pastor Jim Ramos takes the guesswork out of it, providing you with his proven strategy for rallying men to your cause, pro tips he's learned over years of starting men's groups, mistakes to avoid, and curriculum for your first 5 group meetings. 

This ain't no wimpy download - it's a 52-page magnum guide. TBH we question why we're offering it for free!

Free Resource for Men!

Too close at the urinal? Man Law violation! Looking another man in the eye while eating a banana? MAN CARD REVOKED.

This hilarious new book by Jim Ramos provides 101 tongue-in-cheek "Man Laws" written by him or submitted by the Men in the Arena community, supplemented by (slightly) more serious rules for men to live by.

Grab it for yourself, a buddy, or to pass on to a young male on his way to manhood. Sense of humor required.