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Resources for Protecting Integrity

Without integrity, a man won't get far in his journey to manhood. Integrity is foundational to becoming a man.

Without it, he will be viewed as no more than a foolish child.

Without it, he will survive as a male, never thriving as a man.

If you're a young man reading this, be warned:

If you lack integrity, you lack everything. You'll never become the man God designed you to be.

Integrity is the trailhead on the journey towards manhood.

Here are Men in the Arena's resources to help you build a firm foundation of integrity.

Our Top 10 Men in the Arena Podcast Episodes for Protecting Integrity

The 3 Core Purposes of the Man Who is Wild at Heart
w/ John Eldredge

In one of our early episodes, John Eldredge joined Men in the Arena to discuss his book Wild at Heart. Every man lives to have an adventure to live, Beauty to rescue and a battle to fight.

Marriage After Infidelity
w/ Dr. Earl Wilson

What does repentance look like in the face of sexual sin? Dr. Earl Wilson joined us to describe his own process of sexual sin, recovery, and spiritual healing. This podcast provides a message of hope and a path forward for your marriage even in the face of infidelity.

Realizing Your Power as a Man
w/ Rick Johnson

A man's words have power. Bestselling author Rick Johnson joined us for this episode to explore why it is so important that men use their powerful words to build others up. A man is made for greatness. Are your words living up to your potential?

Men, Rebel Against the Rules
w/ Bill Perkins

What if by breaking six specific rules, you could throw off the shackles of other people’s expectations and pursue a more authentic and liberating faith? Author Bill Perkins joined us to challenge men to follow Jesus’ example: refuse to be handcuffed by rules that aren’t God-given.

What Can Make Your Life and Marriage More Fulfilling?
w/ Tom Wilson

In this episode, Tom Wilson joined us to discuss fulfillment, and the unique cultural challenges men face in life, work, and ministry.

Character Counts: Who's Counting Yours?
w/ Rod Handley

How do you protect your character and integrity? Author Rod Handley joined us to discuss character (doing right), integrity (being whole through Christ) and accountability (honestly reporting to one another), and how men can fit these concepts into our daily lives.

Are You a Man of Influence?
w/ Bill Hendricks

Men have a way of rubbing off on one another—for better or worse. Author Bill Hendricks joined us to discuss how men can be intentional about our influence. Become the man God made you to be, while learning to change other men’s lives for the better.

Accountability with Action!
w/ Matt Loehr

Matt Loehr talks about accountability with action. Most accountability relationships include confession but do not require action. Are you asking the tough questions, and are you willing to be called out? Are you meeting each week with a purpose?

No More Excuses, Be a Man!
w/ Joe Martin

Joe Martin from the Real Men Connect podcast joined us to discuss how men are created (by God) to be the head, master, and leader of the home. We are designed to lead our family. It’s not an option; so we might as well accept it. We’re going to lead our family effectively or we’re going lead them poorly; but either way, we ARE going to lead.

Have You Made a Covenant with Your Eyes?
w/ Sam Black

Sam Black, the VP of Covenant Eyes, joined us to share some statistics that include kids and ages that struggle and have been exposed to porn during this pandemic. You may think this doesn't affect you, but you may be surprised.

Our Books to Help You Protect Integrity

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