First off, and on behalf of our Board, staff, hundreds of ministry partners, “Thank you for visiting our website!” While you’re here make sure to download the Free electronic version of our 365 Day Field Guide: Our Bathroom Book for Men, which is easily accessed on the home page.
          Men in the Arena is a faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strategically relies on our financial champions for approximately 85% of our annual budget. We want a stadium filled with men and women from around the world who can celebrate with us whenever a man gets it because they have contributed to that changed life through prayer, resources, and partnership. Our mission is powerful, simple, and threefold: “We are trusting Jesus Christ to build an army of men who are becoming the best version of themselves in Christ and changing their world (because when a man gets it—everyone wins!).
          On our home page, you can read more about our vision and its three strategic areas—Enlist (in our army), Invest (in becoming your best version), and Change (your world). Envision a mountain with three levels from bottom to top. These levels are represented by the words, Enlist, Invest, and Change.
         ENLIST. We are passionately building an army and want to recruit you to be a part of it! Join the Men in the Arena army simply by subscribing to one of our many high-octane free resources including the top-rated Men in the Arena Podcast where we interview experts and specialists in the realm of manhood. When you sign up for a free Electronic version of our 365 Day Field Guide: Our Bathroom Book for Men we’ll add you to our weekly Equipping Blast  If you have Facebook join thousands of men from around the world on the Men in the Arena closed group. These are just three of the ways you can enlist in our army but more are on the way
          INVEST. For you become the best version you for your God, yourself, and those you love an investment must be made on your part. There’s a cost. A price must be paid, and we don’t care where you pay it or who you pay it to. We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration with other great ministries around the world. You can see who our ministry partners are at this link. We have many excellent resources to help you on the journey to your best version in Jesus. We have books written just for you and curriculum for you along with your buddies. Check out our online store.
           While we’re at it, it’s imperative that you know one thing about us. If you are a missionary or a man living in an underdeveloped nation all electronic versions of our resources are free for you. That’s right, we want to offer all we have to bless you as you seek to change nations!
          CHANGE. We live with the conviction that the summit of manhood is when a man fully grasps who he is as a man and follower Jesus. When that man commits to living according to masculine life Jesus modeled things change. When a man gets it—everyone wins! The “IT” in our tag line is when me radically commit to Jesus and pursuing their best version in Him. When a man gets it, marriages change, families change, churches change, communities change, nations change and the world changes. When we talk about men “Changing their world” we mean their circle of influence. Men are innately wired by God to lead, fix, build and conquer. Men who get it give back. They love. They serve. They sacrifice. Our ministry is supported in large measure by men who get it. Our teams are led by men who get it. We want you to be one of those men, but first things first!