Are You a Follower or a Participant?

What makes a great linebacker is his ability to read the play and then fill the gap on his way to the football.

Though he lines up 4-5 yards off the line of scrimmage, he must read and react so quickly and accurately that he makes the tackle behind the line of scrimmage. This means reading the play before anyone else and getting to the ball carrier before he gains positive yards.

A great leader is like a great linebacker. A leader must bridge the gap between where things are and where they need to be.

The Gap We Have Identified is This:
Many men identify as Christians, but a massive number of them walked away from Christian Community during COVID-19 and have not returned.

Did You Know?
On an average week, we have 100,000 people actively engaged in our many platforms. Often that number is in the millions! But as much as we love our engaged followers, they’re not the goal. Our vision is to see men move from engaged followers to committed participants.

We must bridge the gap between those who follow and those who are invested, committed, and actively engaged in growing spiritually. I explain why in our Equipping Men in the Ten.

Men, it’s time to get back into community. Bridge the gap in your own life by joining a men’s small group.

We’ve made it easy for you - join one of our many virtual teams led by our highly vetted National Team Captains. Sign up today for one of our fall small groups.

Here’s how:

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