Today I was reminded again by how many good men either aren’t showing up for their own life or for the lives of those they love. Sometimes both. Instead of praying, “If I die before I wake,” many should instead pray, “If I wake before I die.”

Exhausted. Beat up. Frustrated. Did I say “Exhausted?”

But you can do this. In fact, you were made for it. Jesus was never a parent or husband, but He understands where you are nonetheless. In John 4:6-8, we run into a very human Jesus.

Jesus was tired. It was noon. If Jesus started walking at 8:00 a.m. and walked an average of three miles per hour, then he walked at least twelve miles in the Palestinian heat!

Jesus was thirsty. He was so thirsty that he asked a “three-striker” for a drink.

Immoral. She was living in a cohabiting relationship outside of marriage that was sexually active. Strike #1.

Samaritan. Jews despised Samaritans and avoided them if possible (John 4:4). Strike #2.

She was a woman! No self-respecting Jewish holy man would be seen near, let alone talk to a woman! Strike #3.

Jesus was hungry. Hungry, thirsty, and tired, Jesus showed up to an ostracized woman’s life. His presence changed her, and she changed her community!

How much more can a man show up to his life? Here’s how:

  1. Show up for those you love. We have a searchable index of podcast episodes to help you find the one that will solve the problem you’re experiencing today.

    (If you haven’t yet, download my free resource Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their sons and Daughters - it’s gone after November.)

  2. Show up to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others. 1 Peter 3:15-16

  3. Show up to your life by investing in yourself. (John 10:10) Live each day to the fullest, every day. Join one of our free virtual teams now. It is unlike anything you have signed up for online: