Men in the Arena's 2021 in Review - God is Moving!

Dear MITA supporters,

Here are some metrics and highlights from January 2021 to the present. Thanks to you, MITA had a great year and many lives were deeply impacted. We are now at 6 full- or part-time staff helping drive our vision to see a growing army of men in the Arena who are becoming their best version in Christ and changing their world. 

Men in the Arena Podcast

  • 505 episodes in 126 countries
  • 36,569 podcast downloads in all of 2018 and 38K downloads just in November 2021!
  • 2021: 147,746 total downloads
  • All Time: 380,825 downloads

Men in the Arena's Social Media

Strong Men Dangerous Times (formerly The Man Card) was released last March and quickly grew to an Amazon #1 bestseller! 

Our banquet was by far the highest-earning of any year since its start, which says a lot about our volunteers, staff, and supporters. 

Full Capacity Man is written and needs a few tweaks before sending it to our publisher. Our goal is to release it by Father’s Day. We shall see! 

Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters was released as a FREE online resource and way to help the dads in our tribe and grow our impact through email. Several hundred men have downloaded Tell Them so far. 

In the Fall, we launched five virtual teams with our National Team Captains. We have learned a lot, made some adjustments, and will continue with this model as we believe it has massive life change potential.

Last January we were blessed to add Jeff Dyck to our Board! This is his first anniversary! With Pat’s move to Eastern Oregon, Jeff has taken on the Friend Role. 

Recently some friends inspired me to do 65,000 push-ups in a year, so I casually threw an invitation to our tribe and was shocked to receive 300 contacts from men who have committed (so far) to the 65k Push-up Challenge! My goal is for this new 65k Push-Up Crew to do 15,000,000 total push-ups, representing the number of people Men in the Arena will reach in our next decade.   

Here is my favorite Hero Story of 2021 from Amy, a rural Wyoming wife of an Arena Man. Many of you have heard it already, but it is so good! 

“My name is Amy. Thank you for helping my husband become a man. Some things have changed in our lives and apparently, he felt the need to be a better 'man.' Not just a male. We live 90 miles from the nearest box store, and it’s always been stressful for me to shop with my husband because he doesn’t do well driving in traffic with 'idiots.' He yells, gives hand gestures, swears, and it’s common for me (us) to be in a complete mess when we arrive. Plus, he’s constantly telling me to ‘hurry up’ when we shop. I’m always at least 15-20 feet behind him.  

Well, today was different. Today was incredible. No angry driving issues. He waited for me and walked with me (a first). He was helpful and kind and irresistible. I was actually getting turned-on by his actions but was skeptical—quite frankly—because this was NOT my husband. Apparently, you’re writing a chapter in a book about being Gentle. Today my husband was the gentlest I’ve ever seen him. THANK YOU for helping him! Men in the Arena has made a difference in his life, which has made a difference in my life.” 

Continue to pray for our Board of Directors who are taking this month to set the course for Men in the Arena. I love each of you deeply and because of your support, prayer, and ministry, thousands upon thousands of men and those they love around the world are being impacted daily! 

Partnering with you,

Jim Ramos
President and Founder
Men in the Arena


P.S. SAVE THE DATE: April 9 is the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Men in the Arena which will be held at 700 N. Hill Rd, McMinnville, Oregon. Sponsor a table of 8 for $500, donate an auction item (vacation home, trip, craft, etc.), or reserve your individual seats for $65 per person.