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  • How to Help a Buddy in Crisis: Learning to Shut Up

    Elk Whispering Last fall, I reframed how I talk to elk during the Colorado archery season. More specifically, I began listening to the context of ...
  • Your Wife is Not Your Best Friend

    Why are we so clueless guys? Sorry, why am I so clueless guys?! After the interviews with Brian and Rich, it hit me like a punch in the face.  Shanna’s best friend is Beth and I know this because that is how she introduces Beth to people. 

    When I tell people Shanna is my best friend, she smiles politely yet remains silent. She has never called me her best friend! Because I am not her best friend. Beth is.

  • What Do You Say to a Grieving Friend?

    This is not a usual blog about our latest Men in the Arena Podcast guest. It is much more guttural. This is a blog about a friend—a 2:00 AM friend—a guy I could call anytime, anywhere, and he’d be there no questions asked...