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  • How to Help a Buddy in Crisis: Learning to Shut Up

    Elk Whispering Last fall, I reframed how I talk to elk during the Colorado archery season. More specifically, I began listening to the context of ...
  • Seeking Manly Advice - Overcoming Pride to Become Your Best Version -By Fred Workman

      Building Fences “I don’t wanna go,” shouted my fearful 13-year-old self to my 57-year-old fragile ego. This time I wasn’t a boy in line to ride...
  • 5 Skills Cavemen (and Christian Men) Need to Survive

    Arena Men, I have been hooked on Alone: Season Seven ever since our interview with Joel Van de Loon. Participants attempted to survive for 100 day...
  • SURVIVAL GEAR - 7 Tools Needed for the Fatherhood Adventure

    In my daily devotional, The Field Guide: A Bathroom Book for Men, “Wyoming Nights” recounts a dangerous night of suffering hypothermia while hunting the high country of Wyoming and needing their body to survive the night. It is an embarrassing yet memorable event. Click the link to read about it my short story, “California Rodeo in Wyoming.”

                From that memorable night in 2001 I learned to carry the proper survival gear needed for every contingency. So often we pack our fears, filling our lives with worthless items, to the neglect of those necessary to be the best father to our children.

  • California Rodeo in Wyoming

    I knew we were in trouble at the planning meeting and BBQ two weeks before we left for Wyoming. Three of the four men, I had never met before that night. They were buck hunting fanatics, with over 80 mule deer to their credit. Being the only mule deer virgin in the group I was excited to hunt with them. We met with our families and had a wonderful time of eating wild game, the great desserts prepared by our wives, and having fellowship. I was especially impressed with the heartfelt prayer time with the men as we held hands and prayed for God’s blessing on our trip. Driving home my wife asked me what I thought of the guys. My knee-jerk reaction was, “Wow, what a godly group of guys but it concerns me that we are packing in with five horses and only one of us (Bill) even knows how to saddle one! Having a very negative experience with a horse as a kid I was intimidated, and this meeting only confirmed my biggest fears.
  • Will Wearing Masks Ever End? - Pro Tips for Removing Masks Men Wear at Church

           As the world opens up again and masks slowly fade into memory (hopefully), I’m reminded of another annoying mask men wear—the veneer concealing their true self...