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  • How to Outlive Your Life on Purpose

     It’s never too late to think about your legacy. I’ve been working towards that end for 30 years with my journaling, personal vision statement, and eulogy. Yes, I wrote my dream eulogy.

                I firmly believe that whatever you put to the grindstone will be remembered on your tombstone. I’ve never heard a dying man say he wish he’d spent more time at the office. Think about those who will be crying at your death bed and answer three legacy questions that Rex uses to challenge men:

  • How Do I Discover My Mission in Life? - Life's Two Most Important Questions

    So, my friend, who are youEvery man who deeply desires God’s best must answer this question of questions.
              Let me rephrase the question before you trap yourself in some generic Christian cliché. Besides being a child of God, how has God uniquely crafted you? How are you a gift to this world? The answer to this question is found in your hand. In the story of God calling Moses out of a burning bush to lead the captive Israelite nation’s Exodus, God asks Moses “What is that in your hand?”...
  • "New Year Resolutions that Actually Work"

    2020 Hindsight is 20/20
    Last year was unprecedented in so many ways. Where many struggled, with God's blessing 2020 was Men in the Arena's best ministry year to date. All of these goals were set at our annual Board of Directors Course Setting Retreat that we have every January. Below are some bulleted highlights from 2020.

    • Obtained Wordserve Literary as our book agent
    • Are negotiating a publishing contract with Five Stones Press
    • Online auction "audible" raised $10,000 more than all previous fundraisers. 
    • Finished two books that will be released in 2021 
    • Started a weekly service for local men called the "Arena Gathering"
    • Joined the Board of Directors of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men 
    • Men in the Arena Podcast had downloads from 122 nations
    • The Instagram following grew from 300 to over 4,100
    • Several posts had over 15,000 likes
    • Financial Champion team is the strongest it has ever been
    • Paid staff team grew from two to six
    • Our new online assessment is weeks away from being released on our website. We believe God will use it to reach one million men.