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  • 5 Skills Cavemen (and Christian Men) Need to Survive

    Arena Men, I have been hooked on Alone: Season Seven ever since our interview with Joel Van de Loon. Participants attempted to survive for 100 day...
  • Lessons from Michelangelo’s Statue of David

    Maybe you’re like young David. You sense something great inside of you, but you are stuck in the field while everyone else is being told they are the ones who have potential. You aren’t good-looking enough. You aren’t smart enough. You aren’t skilled enough. You have too much baggage. You have too much sin.
  • A Living Legend’s Five-Step Formula for Winning in Life

    For the past two decades I have lived in McMinnville, Oregon, the home of college football’s longest winning streak (all divisions) at 65 years, by Linfield University! It was an honor to have living legend Ad Rutchsman on the Men in the Arena Podcast. On it we discussed the book about his life, Winning with Class: The Story of Hall of Fame Coach Ad Rutchsman, his 24-year contribution to the streak as Linfield’s head coach, and impact on a myriad of others through the young men he coached.
  • Will Wearing Masks Ever End? - Pro Tips for Removing Masks Men Wear at Church

           As the world opens up again and masks slowly fade into memory (hopefully), I’m reminded of another annoying mask men wear—the veneer concealing their true self... 
  • What to Do When Lust Has You in A Chokehold

    The (NEW) Ravi Zacharias Legacy
    Arenamen, Ravi Zacharias, founder of the RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministry), was known as one of the leading Christian apologists of our time—his ministry spanning over 40 years. Tragically, his legacy will not be his ministry but the recent uncovering of his sexual misconduct. According to a Christianity Today’s article, “Ravi Zacharias Hid Hundreds of pictures of women, abuse during massages, and a rape allegation...
  • Why Do You Do What You Do? - For Affirmation Addicts and Performance Junkies

    A successful businessman was racing his Lamborghini down California’s winding Pacific Coast Highway (101), when he lost control, sending his car over the edge. He was launched from the tumbling vehicle, severing his left arm at the elbow. People arrived at the scene to his screams, “My Lambo, my Lambo!”
              Pointing to his bloody stump, a Good Samaritan said...
  • 5 Wise Tips for the Smart Stepdad - How to Become a Better Stepdad

    In the United States 50% of children will have a stepparent at some point in their lifetime, and 90% of children in step-families live with their mom and stepdad. Forty percent of children from divorce will not see their dad for an entire year, which places an added burden on stepdads.
              Stepchildren who have good relationships with both their stepfather and their nonresident biological father have better outcomes than children who have good relationships with just their father...
  • Best Advice for a Successful Marriage - From a Couple Married for Half A Century

    I spoke at a conference with a man who shocked me when he confessed to being a “serial adulterer” who recently repented, remarried, and was there to tell me how to make marriage work. Huh?
              Another time I overheard one man telling an intently listening group of other men, “I just told my third wife that my kids were more important than her and if she didn’t like it, she could leave.”
              That advice was shut down quick. 
    Are these two men who you want to give you marriage advice? I hope not. Do you want the best advice for marriage?...

  • What is the Purpose of Sex? - Three (or Four) Reasons God Made Sex

    I grew up in a broken home but saw my Dad daily since he was a teacher at my high school. I distinctly remember the day my dad discovered I was dating a girl of a certain reputation and literally followed my bus home so he could convince me to break up with her!
              I didn’t. I should have...
  • Disappointments and God Appointments - Finding Victory When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

    2020 was a banner year for disappointments.
    How do you handle life when things don’t go your way? Do you rage in angry outbursts? Do you live vicariously through your TV monitor? Do you dive into your favorite comfort foods? Or numb your mind through marijuana, alcohol, or other substances?...
  • Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose in Life? - 5 Practical Tips to Craft Your Mission Statement

    What is a personal mission statement?
    I’m glad you asked. It is a dynamic strategy that captures your best understanding your unique, God-given, contribution to this world during your short stay. It is a tapestry of all the things you love and have experienced wrapped into one statement under 50 words.
              It provides a prayer path through the many blessings and tragedies in life. It is a compass. It is a visual reminder of why you exist on this planet, region, and unique time in history. A personal mission statement provides vision, direction, and reasons to say no to good things in order to do great things for God.
              It will help you stay on track during times of stress and testing. It provides the decision-making grid to navigate. It points out areas where intentional growth and mentoring are needed to achieve the most impact. And it serves as a personal call to arms, helping you stay mission minded amidst the plethora of daily distractions.
              I firmly believe Psalm 20:4 is for us today, “May He grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose!” A quarter of a century ago I crafted my first mission statement, 44 words that has hardly changed. Here it is...
  • How Do I Discover My Mission in Life? - Life's Two Most Important Questions

    So, my friend, who are youEvery man who deeply desires God’s best must answer this question of questions.
              Let me rephrase the question before you trap yourself in some generic Christian cliché. Besides being a child of God, how has God uniquely crafted you? How are you a gift to this world? The answer to this question is found in your hand. In the story of God calling Moses out of a burning bush to lead the captive Israelite nation’s Exodus, God asks Moses “What is that in your hand?”...