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  • September Newsletter - Be Still

    September 1, 2022 Dear Arena Men, Here is a recent Hero Story from a man in Wyoming. “Words could not do justice to how much I appreciate the Men ...
  • May Newsletter - Ministry Updates

                                                                                                                    May 3, 2021 Dear Friends, Hero Stor...
  • March Prayer Force Newsletter

    Every quarter, we send our Champions Letter to those who are actively championing our great cause. I personally sign every letter and usually incl...
  • February Champion Newsletter

        Dear Champions,  Last month we experienced explosive growth on our social media platforms averaging approximately 500 new followers a week on ...
  • Men in the Arena's 2021 in Review - God is Moving!

    P.S. SAVE THE DATE: April 9 is the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Men in the Arena which will be held at 700 N. Hill Rd, McMinnville, Oregon. Sponsor a table of 8 for $500, donate an auction item (vacation home, trip, craft, etc.), or reserve your individual seats for $65 per person..


  • Merry Christmas

    “I just downloaded your free Tell Them book from the website and read through the first couple of days. Great topics to talk about with my sons! So meaningful! I find it is another area I fall short on. I give my kids a lot of affection but don’t do well on meaningful conversation. This is a great tool. It has already provoked thoughts about how I can improve on how my father spent time with me. Thank you!” -Trocco
  • November Champions Letter

    On Monday I celebrated with Colton as he shot his first buck, which is a Ramos family rite of passage of sorts, not to mention the rite of passage into manhood ceremony (13 years old) and adulthood (18 years old) that each of my sons experienced. Dads, make sure you are strategic about rites of passage ceremonies with your children, especially your sons.
  • September Newsletter

    In 2012 we launched this ministry out of a coffee shop in my hometown of McMinnville, Oregon. As things open, we will be giving back to the town we love in the Arena Gathering, which was growing rapidly last year but we were compelled to shut it down due to COVID. Pray for wisdom, leaders, and a location as we launch what we believe will be the largest weekly gathering for men in the history of our county.  
  • Tell Them: What Great Fathers Tell Their Sons and Daughters

    “I recently contacted QuickBooks support after hours.  To get the help I needed, I entered a chat with a QuickBooks Support Professional.  The entire chat lasted over 3 hours because I had to save new files, change older files, then reload the other files over it.  While waiting for files to load, etc... we started talking and she asked what Men in the Arena was.  I told her about the organization and that the Men in the Arena Podcast was listened to all over the world. She told me she has a boyfriend that wanted to get married, but she wasn't going to marry someone who wasn’t a Christian.           

    She started listening to an episode while helping me, since she was working remotely from her home in Costa Rica, and he was in the room. By the time we were off the chat, she had listened to two of the podcasts and noticed her boyfriend was listening too, and very much interested. 

    A couple months later she sent me a message letting me know that her boyfriend was a regular podcast listener, had given his life to Christ, and asked her to marry him. She said yes, of course!”